Sure did watch someone almost cause an accident today on the highway!! (Sorry for tilted video... my dash cam was off kilter)

I got a blue refurbished kitchen aid mixer (pic is of it)

today I unearthed an ancient relic from inhabitants past. Perhaps they used it to collect leaves before the earth became so scorching we no longer had the long fabled season of “fall”

One time I opened a can of beans and this is all that was inside

Today on its 2020 and yes, I’m still finding trash in the dirt!! A 1980s peanut butter Twix wrapper. Best by July 1989!

I wanted to use leftover patterned scraps, so this is resin with snake shed in a pendant

Replacing the screws on the hinge I ripped off the wall like

Do you have difficulty describing your gender?

Do you need to keep it in mind? Maybe load load?

Have I got the stickers for u

Happy !!!! Hope it’s as good as it can be for you in these trying times, friends.

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