I wonder if better moderation tools will ever happen (no they will not) :’)

I’ve been running an instance since 2017 and I gotta say the whole moderation experience sucks. And I can’t even automate it because the API fof domain suspension doesn’t seem to exist, and then only alternative is manually finding and white listing Every Instance.

Your regular reminder that federation and mastodon would be 1,000% better and easier to moderate if we could approval screen instances like we do new users

can we please have instance domain suspensions in the API i need it thank u

now i have another weird post-glitch-migration problem where not all notifications that should show up in the notifications column, are. that + streaming API not working right is making me stumped

if there's any small instance out there who need an extra donation to your patreon, etc, i can pitch a little extra in during this time hmu

hey if you're migrating from Wasabi to another provider like DO spaces using flexify.io, note that your ACL won't necessarily be as you expect, i had to run s3cmd to set the ACL to public for all of my files after copying

hey anyone using digital ocean spaces for stuff? everything seems to be set to private by default... how do I not have this happen?

i deleted an old relay and yet sidekiq still is trying to contact the relay..... ???

oh yeah, for i tagged a release since I figured I should actually... you know... tag them to the major versions of mastodon they support when there are UI changes


i need to refactor this a little bit to make it easier to install, and also create a glitch version (though it should work fine as a vanilla theme on glitch) but, here's the vaporwave and purple themes we got here!

this has popped up so many times since i updated to 2.8 oof

It’s gonna be great when I break all of our media on other people’s servers when I migrate because mastodon servers can’t update their media URLs and yeah I’m going to stay salty about this

things i would like as a
- emoji credit field
- emoji category field

how do y’all manage the public display of instance blocks? Or is it just a thing you gotta do by hand?

We have a big list 😅

if any or folks can point me towards what i should be doing i would love u 5ever

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hey question: i'm following this guide to migrate to wasabi s3, for the nginx reverse proxy, do I need to do anything special for the dns? I feel like i'd need a cname entry or something, but maybe not?


One of my users has noticed toots boosted by a locked account appear to be public? Is this intentional or is there a way to disable it? Anyone coming over from twitter will not expect this to be the case

should I use digital ocean spaces or wasabi for s3 storage for my instance?

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