If you’re looking for the chronicles of me digging out trash from the yard of a 125 year old city house, the hashtag is where I have been putting them

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today I unearthed an ancient relic from inhabitants past. Perhaps they used it to collect leaves before the earth became so scorching we no longer had the long fabled season of “fall”

Today on its 2020 and yes, I’m still finding trash in the dirt!! A 1980s peanut butter Twix wrapper. Best by July 1989!

omg I dug a footing out and found THREE bags of snacks wtf these people just threw their 80s trash into the ground???

Next up on ... A Friendly Creature Comb. I don’t really know, looks like a McDonald’s toy!!

part 9: this is from the early 90s. Anyone know the deal with these? A mcdonald’s “Field Trip” bag! It even has a little snap closure on it.

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I need a hashtag for these under the deck finds. ? Here’s part 8-ish. Andy Capp’s fries. Expiry date is March 2001(?). When was the last time I even saw a 25cent bag of these? Probably in 2001!!

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