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*slides in once again to share a cat picture when it's barely Monday anymore*

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e-begging - crowdfund - fundraiser - travel help - :boost_ok: 


I've made a silly fundraiser thing to help get my first car, which will help me, help me care for my partner, and for my mother that must rely on friends with cars who aren't always available to help (for transporting things from her deceased parent's home, etc)

the target amount is mostly a stretch goal of sorts; I don't expect nor need the full amount, but it would no doubt help me get something more reliable and longer lasting

money will go into a monzo pot, and I'll add stuff into it myself as-and-when I can

shares are appreciated!

if you've helped me in the past with money stuff, please give this one a miss. I will feel bad XD

I feel bad about asking anyway, but if I don't ask, then I won't know

thank you 💜

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don't use GtS, it's cursed, it'll scare your livestock and make their milk sour, it's bad, it'll make your dick fall clean off

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help a black trans person make rent by friday!

Still need help covering RENT/PHONE Bills

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Tonight’s total lunar eclipse is extremely dark. This is definitely the darkest lunar eclipse I have ever seen, and my oldest coworkers are describing it as the second darkest lunar eclipse they’ve seen. These photos expose the Moon too much.

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COVID test orders 

New round starting; you can now get #COVID eight tests. Just ordered mine.


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grubhub is literally the worst of the delivery apps. Foodler died for this.

The Prius I have is the same age as the Passat was when I got rid of it lmao. 30k fewer miles though.

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funeral fundraiser for a friend's mom, moneybeg, please boost 

a very sweet and lovely friend of many years, chaz, has had the really gutting tragedy of losing their remaining parent this year. they're really struggling.

being disabled and obviously grieving in addition to suddenly being the sole handler of household things has shaken them deeply and the financial situation is dire. please consider helping them out.

they're struggling to get a gfm started (probably due to being in scotland?) but have a kofi that works


please, please. give generously.... this little being has given me such joy in life. i just want them to be okay.

boosts very welcome.

I solved Semantle #107 in 102 guesses with 1 hint. My first guess had a similarity of 3.58. My first word in the top 1000 was at guess #35. My penultimate guess had a similarity of 7.28. semantle.com/

@Doephin ohh it was a baby, they showed a whole adult on the show and I have been sitting here just going ?????

@Doephin I found the story and I guess in an enclosed space it?? Sounds more plausible tho@I’m still kinda struggling to imagine a lizard running into a bleeding knife wound

Okay 911 lone star has “guy stabbed his leg instead of a lizard and the lizard climbed inside his leg wound” plot SUDDENLY THE GREYS ANATOMY SNAKE SEEMS REAL

Roomie made homemade seitan stuffed mushrooms and I cooked raviolis with a tomato/veggie blend sauce and sautéed peppers it’s a good comboooo

Buggre Alle this for a Larke I amme sick to mye Hart of typeſettinge

for whatever reason he’s never shit in his water bowl but I guess giving him an extra big one meant room for activities lmao

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the snake decided to shit in his water bowl, so I put a temporary smaller one in there with fresh water, and he flipped that one

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we might have bugs + compatibility issues in other areas but it's difficult to fault this software for stability atm

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