micah uppied

Charity Auction for Australian Wildlife Rescue:

1 steam key for 'Psychonauts' (current retail price 9.99 USD / 14.51 AUD)

1 steam key for 'Mercenary Kings' (current retail price 19.99 USD / 29.03 AUD)

Reply with your offer (specify USD/AUD/etc). Disclaimers pinned on my birdsite profile at twitter.com/CrashFu

I’m here for Americans stopping xenophobic garbage and realizing MSG is good

gonna get results I guess soon-ish but we'll see

danny is having itching issues (maybe??? he has evidence of overlicking his belly but we cant catch him doing it) and he can't... pee correctly... either nothing comes out, or he has an accident in the house... so the vet ran some tests today

micah uppied

ebooks that are only released with DRM are basically telling me "if you want to read this you have to pirate it" and if that's what they want, so be it. Liberate them for everyone thufie.lain.haus/liberation.ht

You could also just, y'know, not publish with DRM on an ebook platform.

watchin a video about a somali pasta dish and it looks reaaalll good

micah uppied

@kd yeahhh... my dogs poop a lot... and my yard is very small

micah uppied

@kd i'm researching companies that scoop poop for you lol

micah uppied

Managed to get all the ban checking done, so I'm gonna go pass out. I'll take care of the oauth stuff later


micah uppied

Nice! I got user ban checking working in PAWS. It just returns a 403 atm, but I'll change that eventually. Just gotta get it to check user domain bans too and all the basic functionality should be done :3

@greenfediverse this is really cool! I was wondering, should Cloudflare count as green? it masks whether or not an instance is hosted on a green or grey provider so i could make my instance "green" by using cloud flare even tho digital ocean is listed as grey?

micah uppied
micah uppied

she wants a repo with extra security
she wants a repo that will not be hacked
she's changing her name from <redacted> to nova
she's trading her old life for a catgirl fursona

i want a girl with a short skirt and a lonnnnnnngggggg rsa key

micah uppied
micah uppied
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