@masklayer "The software development term scrum was first used in a 1986 paper titled "The New New Product Development Game". The term is borrowed from rugby, where a scrum is a formation of players. The term scrum was chosen by the paper's authors because it emphasizes teamwork." from the wiki article on scrum

@masklayer scrum is like, a way to run iterative approaches to developing software? I guess would be the simplest thing. and a "scrum" is usually a status update meeting where people say what they worked on and how its going

I built a lil shed for firewood today! Took about 4 hours including a trip to the hardware store

I don’t know what Blaseball is and at this point I’m too afraid to ask

i wanna try doing some 3D modeling stuff for home repair and whatever but damnb i don't know where to start

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@masklayer i accidentally shared my screen twice so far, once to just my facebook and once to discord, which thankfully was open to a chat about ANCH

also at some point learn how to... uh...fix the disaster that is the wiring in this house

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when the weather is less burning hot I gotta dig through my yard to find more ~treasures~

i love that social media leftist discourse every day is people finding one person with a bad take, pretending a lot of people have that take, and making jokes and being proud they don't have that take. it's one step above a strawman

Hey devs, please use semantic html. This is important!

When listing things, use ul/li! When writing things, use p! When adding navigation, use nav! When putting the main part of your website inside a div, use main! Please use h1, h2, h3 for your titles! Don't use table for layout, they are for data!

Screen readers users have shortcuts to jump to all those parts of your website instead of reading it from top to bottom. But it only works with semantic html. So please help them! :tealheart:

have u really run a mastodon instance if you havent forgotten to renew your ssl certificate at least once

In case you have a Raspberry Pi and some free time during these superhot days, we're looking for someone to test our new #raspberrypi image :


In particular we're hunting an annoying bug with curl not being able to find issuer certificates. So if you can run e.g. "curl https:// wikipedia.org" and tell wether or not you're getting a certificate error that would be super cool 🍦👍

URGENT: housing fundraiser for immunocompromised Black gay man in RI. Don't worry if you can't donate, just share 

@presolace@mastodon.art these are all very perfect 💜

Meemu was down but I’m not sure why? I’ll have to look into it.

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