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me two weeks ago: i dont even want to move a semicolon out of place just in case

me now: *declaration of independence voice* im gonna break the game

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(reposting so i can pin) mutuals and pals, if you wanna have a PWYW stay in our lil VT place, like this and i'll send you the form to fill out + details. 2br/1bath in a very rural area about 2.5 hours from boston :3

i either talk WAY too much or not enough yikes there is no inbetween


Wordle 213 4/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 oh fucking DUH

I may or may not have to be like “so hey boss you know how you were concerned about our mental health hahhhhahahaha”

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time for the annual kinkshaming of the humidifier

Y’all ever procrastinate too hard on something but now you’re stuck and if you ask questions at this point it will be extremely obvious that you did not do this when you were supposed to 😅

Next door dropped this one in my inbox today, apparently this dude posts links to his nudes on next door looool

I can’t even go back to my old job now bc apparently it has turned from like a great place to super fucking toxic in the last year which is the saddest thing ever

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I forgot since I didn’t start at the first of the year I didn’t make my full salary so 1) I get a good tax refund this year and 2) between the pay cut and that my total income is closer to what it was in like 2015 cries in pay cut

On Jan 19th folks can order home covid Rapid tests, up to 4 here:

time for the annual kinkshaming of the humidifier

ok but the icon reaux made for @meemu is stilllll so cute

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ffmpeg sorcerers, I require assistance! I want to convert an h264 video to h265, but I want all the keyframes to be in the same places. How do?

my resting heart rate is lower on 20mg of concerta vs 10mg lol

loving how good Linksys is rn since I can't access my router for exactly zero fucking reason

I've been using amazon since ~2006 and had prime for almost as long as it was an option, so.

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