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New profile pic from <3

It's very ✨🐺✨

Ich hab grad gelernt das es einen Drachenreiter film gibt (basierend auf dem Buch von Cornelia Funke) und ich hasse dieses Jahr grade etwas mehr.

Chaki uppied

Ok done streaming for now (short i know) but god 's Heart of the Forest is IMO a much better game than Earthblood.

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Ok Hitman isn't cooperating so i'm switching over to Heart of the Forest for some Werewolf Goodness.

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Alright, Streams on the menu, tune in now to see me doing Hitman 2 with maybe a "kill them all" playthrough (courtesy of

I don't know why but Planet Zoo feels like it wouldn't scratch the itch and i can't put a finger on it because watching makes it clear that you can do very stupid shit in that game.

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This is one of the funniest gaming related screenshots i've ever seen and i miss the first Zoo Tycoon.

Ich so: "Hey DHL ich werd zu hause sein also könnt ihr mir das Paket bitte in meine starken Arme übergeben?"
DHL so: "Lol ne hol beim Nachbarn n Stock drunter ab."

VERY likely the final level, let's see how sad and angry Cahal can get!

WtA: Earthblood:

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