Chaki uppied
Chaki uppied

werewolf in her people form but her ears and tail are out because she is excited and can't contain her excitment over her new name

Chaki uppied

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, Spoilers 

SM has always hit me hard.
On the surface its the story of a dad who really wants to find his daughter.
But below it's a sad and touching story of a young woman trying to reconcile a lot of trauma that "shattered" her memories so she remembers very idealized, black/white versions of the people she knew growing up.

And i might be too much of a depressed sack of crap right now but its... relateable to me in every way.

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thank you @Balina !
get some of my art for yourself!
the fullres and a bonus version is on patreon!

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your friend becoming a demon is no reason to stop hanging out. it is odd that it sucks all the coking knowledge straight out of their head though.

Covid, Travel Restrictions 

Had to cancel my parents visit in November. I fully understand it and was the one pushing for it but ugh.

Wanted to see them again. Really hope we get a vaccine early next year.

Gawd, i can't get Sony Vegas 14 to render without artifacts and low contrast and it pisses me off a little bit...

First sunday in a while without migraines. Might be over the caffeine withdrawal ^_^

Sometimes i wonder if i have not enough empathy then i remember that i got heartbroken last week because i was really mean to a videogame character.

bad brain things 

> Feels lonely and depressed
> Someone does something nice to me
> Happy for a bit
> Feel bad because i feel i can't be as nice in return

Thanks brain love ya

Playing Changeling: The Dreaming can be rough.

You could get distracted by a Sidhe quest.

So, two days ago Werewolf the Apocalypse - Heart of the Forest came out. I have a very soft spot for WtA, having played it since 2003 and it was important for my formative years, despite it's problematic elements.

I was enchanted from the getgo by the story of an American student named Maia, who travels to Białowieża Forest in Poland to explore her family history. She finds out way more than she expected.
The game is a four hour~ VN kinda deal with replayability and comes down to 12€~.

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e621 crap 

"Just so you know, your character wasn't tagged as intersex or herm, the other one was"
yeah bitch both of those also don't apply because your tagging system sucks.

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e621 crap 

neat to start my evening by filing a takedown request on e621 becauuse no way in hell will my characters ever be on there unless they get a grip on their shite ass tagging system

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There's a fucking railway station in Japan that has no entrances. You can visit it only by exiting train and it usage is admiring nature.

ants, bugs, pets 

I am going to be so glad when the messors moved out of their test tube lol.

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