Being involved in my partners kids life makes me want to be the best person i can be, i guess

Im okay. Just emotionally soft tonight and its been a bit since ive just vented freeform.

Sorry i just needed a quiet space where i can be seen but not by lkke 1k people

But everytime i find out someone doesnt like me i just wonder what it is, what is the bad part, how can I cut out this rot so it doesnt become me

I don't know man. I dont know if im toxic because some people just cant handle me but others ADORE me and theres like. No middle ground. Its always been this way and idk what is actually wrong with me or what is fixable. I dont -want- to be toxic.

My partner finds me to be this wonderful person, honest, thoughtful, stable and like

Damn AM i though

Idk after covid im gonna get a journal and handwrite

Ive loved people! But idk theres always been this sense of needing to explain, justify, dance in and out of

Except with kc. Kc was pure and good, but in a different way

Ive never loved my partner the way ive loved anyone else and it makes me wonder if im just so irredeemably fucked up that ive been lying to myself about "love" for decades

Im hanging in there just

Lots of feelings

Had a good spread of tarot and got to do a reading for him too

Mastodon feels quieter. I come here for certain feelings

Shits ok

People in my family keep dying and having illness

The things that are good are really good and the things that are bad are bad

Bfs kid finally used they pronouns for me unprompted....

cw shirtless photo, nude implied, tattoos 

Babey wanted to see what a crow tat would look like on him I HOPE HE GETS IT ITS CUTE

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