waghh i cant afford the site on my own.. need doll hairs

Hello! I'm starting a grassroots motorcycle club for LGBTQIA folks in New England and we got interviewed for a local paper, which is SO COOL. I started a patreon to support hosting a website. Even 1$ a month helps--We only need 15/mo! Boost please~ patreon.com/rainbowridersmotor

I visit coda and merry and ash in 2 and a half weeks!!

Uh shits going good i just forget to use masto,

I miss having a whole phone book of local people to text to hit up for breakfast errands etc.

I miss living in a downtown type location, big time. I don't know if/when I'll ever do that again, but gahh. Miss it.

sticker sale 

new dialup express instance blocks, kiwifarms, boosts welcome 

First world problems: My motorcycle helmet (a replacement for the one I ordered because the visor doesn't move) is too big. The problem is: I had an opportunity to put it on and..it's SO...GOOD QUALITY


relationships (~) 

relationships (~) 

relationships (~) 

relationships (~) 

relationships (~) 

Weird relationship talks, two nights in a row, woohoo!!!


I gotta draw more critter pics. Critter in starfleet outfit. Critter in beachwear

My fursona is cute ok

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