[Lou Bega voice]
A little bit of estrogen in my thigh
A little bit of not being a guy
A little bit of stopping all my T
A little bit of being called her/she
A little bit of skirts out in the sun
A little bit of dilating my cunt
A little bit of being super trans
A little bit of being a woman


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hey!! for anybody in south bay, I'm gonna be performing at the Artsplosion event this sunday @ the Billy De Frank center in San Jose! It's a free event that has artists of all sorts presenting and selling their work. It's 2 PM - 7

She hasnt messaged me to apologize. Im really hurt.

She corrected herself but i feel like im just a burden.

Im gonna yell. My manager has been working with me for a solid year and misgendered me in front of new teammates. Come ON

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::having a complex conversation about queer queer discourse in a public space, cisgirl jumps in to cissplain the topic we are both well aware of::


poly + 

poly + 

@Ace you know whats a trip, is seeing people maually screenshotposting your tweets to FB and them showing up randomly on my TL

Hello! I have commission slots open! Done by Sunday!
40$ Per character, MOST kinks ok! RT if you can't buy today please ^_^

though came home and had good talks with roy and he owned up to a lot of stuff i needed to hear and did some actionable changes

Cried on the way home talking to aaron while saying "I just wish someone would take care of me for a change" and realized how much of my immediate life is orchestrated by me lol




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