Finals are fast approaching, and I feel the sudden urge to take a road trip far away from them.

I think all of you need this photo of Ertha Kitt cuddling kittens right now.

Warning: Gender under construction. Proceed with caution. This pack is now a hard hat only zone.

an extremely powerful move as a boy is painting your nails fire engine red. I'm not baiting you or kidding, it's powerful.

suplexing my gender into the oven, waiting 45 minutes, and tucking in to some delicious Baked Gender

Internet, pls, work with me here. I beg of you!! I just want to play Love Live! dangit.

It's here. The best beverage. I drink one bottle of these a day to stay healthy and strong

the ultimate fighting team: Show more

He's very naughty, but he's cute so he gets away with a lot of things.

Name: Grizzly (AKA Little Sh*t)
Breed: Half Pomeranian, half Yorkshire Terrier
Age: 4 months
Temperament: Cute (and he knows it)

boys, you can just paint your nails. it's cute.

do it.

It's cold but luckily my lap warmer is here to help

catgirls are important, but let us uplift the voices of catboys and nyanbies

i have antisocial capital i gain clout from having anxiety

i feel bad for people who have to work at 24 hour locations i hope they get compensated well enough for their services

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