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re: Iowowaoa or however you spell it's new anti-intersex/transphobic law 

like always intersex people are left behind like we dont exist. i have nothing to live for anymore, my family treats me like garbage and i want to kill myself every single day but if my existence pisses these people so much then i'll continue to live out of spite

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Iowowaoa or however you spell it's new anti-intersex/transphobic law 

friendly reminder that neither gender nor sex actually exist as human bodies come in all shapes and forms and the modern concepts of "male" and "female" are purely cultural, including the physical interventions done to uphold that artificial distinction

penis talk 

do trunk-like penises count, cause Tupian culture is full of those

nsfw shitpost 

not only do i post vore porn games on Epic, now I also post music there

gross literal shitpost 

In Brasil they don't say "carnival" they say "escorreguei no mijo e cai na bosta" and I think that's beautiful.

gross literal shitpost, ibs, internal genitalia 

who needs sex when you have ibs and a sensitive prostate

looks like telegram, for the first time, is cooperating with the govt so the services wont be blocked. the demand this time was to ban pro-bolsonaro profiles but Brasilian authorities have requested various sites to leak data on brasilian citizens before and refused to investigate surveillance scandals so this isnt exactly encouraging tbh

being from a family/ethnic group that was torn apart by internal conflicts and militia and who now cant even reclaim ancestral lands because the state lets comporations claim them it's sometimes hard to believe that theres such a thing as justice in this world

this country's """democracy""" was handed over to civilians official under the condition the war crime-level atrocities comitted wouldnt be prosecuted. this whole """democracy""" is a damn joke and the various branchs of the federal government have been trying to impose restrictions since the end of the military dictatorship in 1985 in an attempt to retain control like the good old times. Brasil has been a near-constant repressive dictatorship since 1889 and a less repressive empire since the 16th century

in several hours supreme court will likely take down telegram for a few days lol

bruh are the supreme court and congress in this country really gonna ban social media by the time presidential elections come in oct-nov lmao

cw charts ???? not covid lmao 

so as of today computer is back in shape so i managed to update the dream journal graph. turns out i peaked in 2018 when both my dream recall suddenly improved and dreams themselves became more interesting. ended up recording 162 dreams in 2018 (i can actually remember every single dream but they are mostly boring daily life drama). in 2019 and 2020 i recorded over 120. then i guess i got bored of my dreams because in 2021 i recorded only 65 although that's still twice my former peak in 2013 when i recorded 33 dreams.

cw nudity, 3D art of shapeshifting aliens pretending to be buff tigers 

Um the other furry instance I was still active on is dead I think? So I'll post these here. Still don't have a computer since mine died on New Year but I have these old pics saved on my handheld potato. They're topical now!

cw hate crime 

now that shabat is over i went to birdsite and was pleasantly surprised to see "shabbat" trending... except it was some hate crime in the US :joylmfao:​

cw gore, blood, body horror, parasitism, tumors, penis popsicles, close up of CΓ‘ssio's ass, 

Collage of most of my visual art made in 2020. Only one year late.

CC0 models of miye-type matanu from Wote of various species and habits (sessile/mobile). Includes the Sakapa Kulupu font adapted for both Tuwasa Kutupu and Tuwasa Kuwutu conlangs

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