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3D render of my characters groping each other for science 

Did another revamp to the cabin model. Lmao before last october it was just a cabin surrounded by like 50 m of woods. Now it's a forested hill surrounded by arid caatinga-like lowlands. Also didn't add Wokaya's arms in the background since this was mostly a test.

A pond reflects Af没s没ze's invisible form as the latter casts shadows on the trees. A scene from a dream.

summing up art from 2017, 2018, 2019 

i keep getting followed by fake woke or random folks who are evidently expecting a follow back bc they soon unfollow

I spent the past 7+ years sculpting my kind and compassionate characters in 3D. So I decided to make a 3D model of one of the bodies/forms used by Menath, who is a complete asshole (second only to Eon, the alternate timeline merger of her ex-girlfriend with herself).

Some space 3D renders of space scenes in space. The ringed brown dwarf Shi没laska and one of its satellites, Sukraya, which is slightly larger than Earth. First pic is of Sukraya's far side featuring Shi没laska in the background. Second pic is a close up of Sukraya's near side.

Dream imagery most likely triggered by my outrage at the damage being caused to the mountains my family once called home. What's the point of developing a country's economy if it amounts to the genocide of entire ethnic groups.

If two golems were on Minatari and one held the other with a tail would that be wholesome or what.

> 鈥淟eft or right, the ideology is the same: Steal our land and destroy the environment,鈥 said Jos茅 Gregorio D铆az Mirabal, the Venezuelan coordinator for the federation of Amazonian indigenous organizations, or COICA. 鈥淚n both Bolivia and Brazil, the forests are in flames.鈥

then again ive recently been having second thoughts about sharing certain aspects of my conworlds

kind of want a peertube account but most open servers recommend you to only use english and i might upload literal hundreds of songs and conworld diagrams, overwhelming any server's local userbase

BACK IN MY DAY we watched anime on Youtube divided into 3 parts but sometimes you'd accidentally click on the one with Portugese subs when going to part 2 Composed a track, finally. "Anacilka/Anachilika" literally means "forest of no/low radiation", "ana-" being the radiation (or "color") affix form of "sanat/sana-" (nothing, empty, void).

eye contact (sort of?), 3D art 

Remade Af没s没ze/Afvsvse's model. This is much closer to how she looked like in the 2013 dream. In retrospect the 2017 model looks kinda quaint in comparison. Also until 2017 I only used Blender for heightmaps/geography. As an artist I frankly hate 3D modeling lmao but here I am.

eye contact cw, 3D art 

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