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cw hate crime 

now that shabat is over i went to birdsite and was pleasantly surprised to see "shabbat" trending... except it was some hate crime in the US :joylmfao:​

cw gore, blood, body horror, parasitism, tumors, penis popsicles, close up of CΓ‘ssio's ass, 

Collage of most of my visual art made in 2020. Only one year late.

CC0 models of miye-type matanu from Wote of various species and habits (sessile/mobile). Includes the Sakapa Kulupu font adapted for both Tuwasa Kutupu and Tuwasa Kuwutu conlangs

cw body horror 

AfΓ»sΓ»ze partially reverses Serafina's data corruption, bringing her to a state right before she lost her mind and body. A complete recovery would entail changes to Serafina's physical and metaphysical processes that could negatively impact Serafina's welbeing. Nevertheless, Serafina's partial recovery should be enough to give the humanity of Sensezera the means to save themselves.

Since the brasilian royal family wants to rule so badly to the point of conspiring with nazis I thought it was my duty as a brasilian citizen to design a royal throne just for them.

silly, misinformation (sort of) 

Exotic double-planet world I've been working on. Highly hypothetical but the smaller planet, which can be considered a satellite, is quite massive relative to its parent. Also a bit contrived but I set them up so that the satellite could almost perfectly eclipse the parent star. The parent star, a very hot (~5800 K) white main sequence star, is also speculative as it is unlikely life would form on a planet constantly showered with ultraviolet radiation.

coronavirus adjacent, 3D art 

Wow, this is the Flutist Outpost on Frautaya today, where the facility's namesake has returned for the first time in millenia.

Dogs go bark bark, cats go meow meow, cows go moo moo and Gabriel goes coo coo.

That one time in April 2010 when I tried to play Satori Maiden on my PSR-320.

Updated Mansedj's public version, added clothes, bones for facial expressions and remade the textures plus other the tweaks over the past two years.

silly medley listing some of my compositions that reference ILanatrΓ΄n's theme

3D art, eye contact (sort of) 

One hundred percent accurate historical reproduction of Woka storming Pramaya in their umΓ±inaton-class onoidj form.

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