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I am updating my commission prices!

I feel like i've greatly improved as an artist! And that means YOU should commission me!


Sketch only - $15, plus 5 bucks for each additional character in the piece
B/W, fully inked - $35, plus 10 per additional character
full color work - $60, plus 10 as above

I don't accept payment until the work is done and you're satisfied with it, and all prices are negotiable.

I know I don't post on here often (I should) but can I just pop in to say that the worst part of working a job that requires you to be up in the very early morning every day, is that now 5-6AM is when I'm chattiest but nobody else is even awake

Negative, writer's block 

My biggest stumbling black is and has always been distraction. I'm stuck at my computer in an uncomfortable old chair when I try to work. I have the internet and games to fall back on the second I get bored. The PC itself has loud, roaring fans that drive me up a wall. I wish I had a little laptop that didn't connect to the internet and only ran my word processor, where I could retreat to comfort and quiet away from everyone and do something

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I've been making some of the best art of my life, and that's a really fulfilling sensation! But I miss writing. I miss when writing was fun and it made me happy instead of frustrated to the point of tears.

sometimes being trans can just be chasing the vibe of this one picture of Patti Smith forever

just scrolling on tumblr and i pressed 'o' very confidently, as if i were playing DCSS and just wanted to Explore The Page

personal, trans stuff 

I was talking to my therapist the other day and they pointed out that whenever i talk about my friends to them, i never mention other trans women. It led to me confronting that I have basically no really close trans feminine friends, and while i love my friends deeply, they will always look at my situation from a place of distance, and that's honestly very alienating to me.

God damn I'm getting bangs as soon as I can go out to a hair salon


I'm getting better at makeup. Still look like a weird old person when I smile for the camera though

picked up my fairy harp for the first time in ages to teach myself Tiger Mountain Peasant Song

god i'm wearing makeup to work for the first time and i'm so worried

Negativity 3: Son of Negativity 

I also have so, so much trouble with keeping up with people. I just figure I'm a boring freak and they just put up with me out of decorum

Negativity cont'd 

So I can't talk about my job because it's boring and stupid and it sucks and it leaves me exhausted, but it isn't difficult or challenging. I don't make anything to be proud of and I'm miserable from clock-in to clock-out.

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