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portrait commissions are finally underway! I'm a furry but i love drawing humans too. these portraits would be perfect for your tabletop RPG character or fictional muse, or even just some fanart!

I'm gonna be charging:

$20 for a lineart drawing without color
$25 for colors & shading
$30 for a full-body piece

if you want something more elaborate than that, let me know and we can work out a price for it!

Attached, you can look at some recent artwork i've made!

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next week i'm actually going to talk to someone about HRT, about really transitioning for real

i keep thinking it didn't happen or i'll get denied somehow

yeah I'm super into BDSM


furries be like my fantasy self has a home and small business and a legally recognized spouse and everyone uses the right pronouns

REMINDER THAT YOU CAN JUST KINDA PUT SHERLOCK HOLMES IN THINGS. he's public domain so you can just kinda use him wherever. i made him break up with a wizard

haven't drawn anything for inktober because i don't want to bring it upon myself, but i want to draw at least a couple costumed sonas. Hoping to do kenny, maxie, @Gwyndolin 's Miru, and maybe someone else?? who knows!!

one of those songs you listen to and immediately think "i could do a great cover of that"

Vampire Weekend's This Life is the most by-the-numbers summer jam and that's why i guess i'm listening to it on repeat

The "surface" of Jupiter is a frothing cloudy expanse. The white clouds are frozen ammonia crystals, analogous to wispy water-ice cirrus clouds on Earth, except made of ammonia which is a Nitrogen and 3 Hydrogen.

The hazel colored clouds are ammonium hydrosulfide ice, and other Sulfur-ammonia compounds.

At roughly 5 atmospheres of pressure down, there's a layer of water ice clouds, and further down you get to a layer of gaseous hydrogen, helium, water, ammonia, and methane.

The whole cloud layer descends some 30-100 kilometers. Beneath that, compressed hydrogen begins to dominate. As pressures rise, the line between liquid and gas becomes blurry, and for a long time this hydrogen is theorized to be in a sort of "superfluid" state, until being pressurized into the entirely liquid metallic hydrogen state.

Metallic hydrogen is so pressurized that we still haven't yet been able to make any in the lab back here on Earth yet.

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mainly I think it's a testament to the human spirit that people are able to feel so much from such poor material

there are plenty of ppl whose sole cultural touchstones are a glut of superhero punchfest extravaganzas, a handful of titty anime, and like, ducktales.

I think a lot about how contemporary culture is so processed & focus-tested to death, it's just totally empty, & we're forced to derive meaning from, and attribute meaning to, things in which it doesn't exist, and isn't supposed to exist.

I have made a powerful, possibly dangerous discovery:

*leans forward conspiratorially*


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i got corel paint cheap from the humble bundle deal. i have a feeling inktober will ne me figuring out how to use it/if it will work on my pc

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