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portrait commissions are finally underway! I'm a furry but i love drawing humans too. these portraits would be perfect for your tabletop RPG character or fictional muse, or even just some fanart!

I'm gonna be charging:

$20 for a lineart drawing without color
$25 for colors & shading
$30 for a full-body piece

if you want something more elaborate than that, let me know and we can work out a price for it!

Attached, you can look at some recent artwork i've made!

actually never mind I just heard the worst Xmas song of all time & it's this cursed "updated" frosty the snowman that sounds like it's from a musical released sometime in 2005 where frosty fucks

i love christmas carols and songs but i hate hearing them against my will all month long.

oh yeah except for "shake up the happiness" which, like all songs i hear at work and immediately detest, turns out to be from none other than Train. of course it is.

check out Project EDEN. it's pure 80s dumb action starring a couple of clumsy bounty hunter babes and it's AT LEAST as good a movie as Lethal Weapon 2

you can just watch all the old Dirty Pair OVAs on YouTube, y'know. whenever you want to. subs, not dubs.

mh [~] 

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if less than a quarter of all the people who own the game on the platform get the achievement that's literally just "play most of the game's main story" then i don't feel too bad about not having finshed it yet

seeing the completion percentages on Steam games i own makes me a little less anxious to finish games i've started

one of our roleplayers is using emoji to diagram all of the evil shit in his life for his himbo boyfriend

Ⱛ this letter looks like a picture of a little hurricane lantern

seriously there's so much great/progressive/unsettling/uplifting music all over the 20th century classical and library music oevre


did y'all know that franz ferdinand made music after You Could Have It So Much Better and decide not to tell me for uhhhhhhhh fourteen years

one of my concerns with my upcoming turn as dm of our role-playing group is going to be making the players give a shit about an npc who I know will be a hard sell. I hope I can pull it off

God whose shadow
on earth is a lizard.

it's easy to make an FM synthesizer make a nasty squawk that lasts forever. kind of like learning the clarinet again

i frightened salem with a particularly harsh synth brap and i feel a little bad

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