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portrait commissions are finally underway! I'm a furry but i love drawing humans too. these portraits would be perfect for your tabletop RPG character or fictional muse, or even just some fanart!

I'm gonna be charging:

$20 for a lineart drawing without color
$25 for colors & shading
$30 for a full-body piece

if you want something more elaborate than that, let me know and we can work out a price for it!

Attached, you can look at some recent artwork i've made!

(Everyone else in the Gayhold is currently sitting in the living room, playing Stardew Valley on their respective devices.)

roommate: Does anybody know what I need to build a chest?
me: Progesterone.

I'm starting with The Lurking Horror, a classic cosmic horror game, but I've also gotten my grubby hooves on Zork I, II, and III, and a sci-fi game I've never heard of called Starcross

discovered this because i'm trying out a couple of old Infocom adventure games and the C64 versions are a snap to run with VICE rather than trying to track down the MS-DOS versions and muck around with DOSBox

VICE, the Commodore 64 emulator of choice for those in the know, has a really cool feature i just found out--if you right click on the emulated screen, it'll paste any text you have copied from outside the emulator!

these last few chapters have been so difficult to write. they delved into some pretty dark stuff and stayed there for a while. I'm more or less happy with their rough form, at least enough to push on to lighter fare for a little bit

mh -/~ 

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I think it's interesting to look at the kind of writing you like versus the kind you don't and try to understand why you feel that way

things you need to know about the dwarf fortress wiki:

there is an article called Quickstart Guide that is 30 pages long and the first 2 pages are entirely taken up by the table of contents

i think i may have finished the 19th (!) chapter of the book just now

i don't know what it's called or any of the lyrics. it was in a song playlist that the app CHANGED THE SONGS ON as i was scrolling back to find it

oh no i listened to too much music trying to find a song on spotify we heard in the car like two days ago and i can't fucking find it!!

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