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nipple piercings talk 

mini book review, The Disasters by MK England 

Selfie, no eye contact 

@ last boost: @Kaiyotie owns that coyboy hat irl and it's super fuckin cute when she wears it

probably lewd 

first thing i did was zap my lab rat with the lab ray and she's now a pastel lutari omg <3<3

i just got into my neopets account!! i was genuinely convinced my account was stolen, but i guess chrome overwrote my password with an older one at some point. yeehaw babey...

food, vegetarian, + 

sad, vague, snot - 

I experienced gender euphoria yesterday so today I am unspeakably powerful, heads up,

link to my art, instagram 

a gal I went to FWA with got her fursuit head recently and went to anthrocon with it and... big time envy up here on both counts!!

blood, medical, ~ 

there are two types of gays:

- gays who don't know what a computer is

- gays who know too much about what a computer is

funky fresh house rule for cards against humanity, nsfw-ish 

finally @Kaiyotie and I bought a bunch of rope and refurbished most of our kitty’s scratchpost- and the cat has been at her scratchpost noticeably more often since ;; hooray!

I always forget that it’s good manners to specify if selfies are boostable!! this is fine to boost if you want my enby energy on your TL 💛💜🖤

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