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(increments age in my profile bc it my birthday)

being closeted 

I literally work with a team of gay nerds and moms and I am *loving* it !!

also while my manager speaks about another manager I just met: “... her wife is a good cook ...”

me: 🥰🥰🥰

looks @ my manager’s water bottle, which has a rainbow-text “unkillable gay squad” sticker on it, and nods w approval

okie dokie as of today @Kaiyotie and I are all caught on Steven Universe, including the movie!! I watched a majority of the show once before but the rewatch with Lex was totally worth it 💕

positivity bot is just so good and sweet...!

May Jewish LGBTQIAPN+ people find success in their lives.

a friend's top surgery, + 

*clenches fist*

80's remixes of modern pop tracks... sexey

how 2 make a lesbian positivity post when u urself are a lesbian,, so wanting 2 pump up ur community instead of looking like ur patting ur own back??

take me down to the lesbian city where we all like girls cuz all girls are pretty

meta, ~ 

oh i missed my one-year fediversary!! i joined on september 7th, 2018 after probably a week or two of debating with myself on which instance was a good starter. i've moved around a bit but now i'm happy on meemu :3

My phone keeps autocorrecting gender to fever, and I just keep thinking "I have a gender and the only cure is more cowbell".

id just like to say non binary people over the age of 30 not only exist, they are my heroes

wore my nonbinary pride flag pin to work orientation and,,

my manager, the second we’re alone: “hey so what are your pronouns? no worries, almost everyone on management is LGBTQ.”

🎉 hell fuckin yeah bud 🎉

fun fact: my grandfather also used to work at this book company, when i was a kid! he told me his starting wage was just under half of what mine is now- i wonder how that looks compared to inflation?

(i fear the answer so i'm not going to look that up djhfjkd)

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