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Anyway, for those who are new here: Hi, I'm Proxy! I'm a nonbinary transfemme chiptune musician, composer, producer, audio engineer, podcaster, and general dumb purple cat on the internet!

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oops i should remember this account exists

I’m listening to a lot of harsh and abrasive music this week and that’s actually influencing a lot of my chiptune currently. Chiptune Napalm Death cover incoming. (Not rly)

It’s theoretically a lot of stuff I should like: off-kilter tempos, fuzzed our vocals, abrasive production and drum mixing. it’s just overly long and occasionally too abstract for its own good

*whispers* the new mothers record is kinda not doing it for me

Giving the new Puce Mary record a listen today because that’s the kind of mood I’m in. Harsh noise plus ambient unease. Loving it.

Idea is “Possibly Maybe” as a downtempo chip-glitch-hop track, probably keeping the tempo the same if not a smidge slower. I wouldn’t want the vocalist to emulate Björk at all though, that much I know.

oh no I was struck with inspiration to do a Björk cover but I REALLY don’t know what kind of vocalist I want on this...

Someone at my job plays the local pop radio station when she’s in so I’ve had a song stuck in my head that I just figured out the name of (“Lucid Dreams” by Juice WRLD).
The beat and general melodic contour are really good, with the slightly blown-out kick working to simulate a pounding heartbeat.

But holy shit the lyrics are like low-tier mid-00s emo power pop??? This is so sexist. Fuck. And it’s still in my head.

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Ok so listening to “In the Aeroplane Over the Sea” for the first time in awhile while putting on my makeup this morning and I honestly forgot how HORNY this song is??? Which makes the last line being super resonant kinda stand out?

Making a spooky playlist that’s mostly (but not exclusively) witch house. For those who use Spotify: It’s being updated throughout the day!

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I’ve never had a knack for poetry but there’s something super nice about writing lyrics. I just have a lot of cathartic energy release.

“I love you more than you’ll ever know // Hot air balloon, I’ll watch you float”

Anyway hi I’m queer and make queer music

I might stop doing the daily record thing too, but that’s just due to forgetting to do it for days on end. Oops.

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