pro hair tip of the day: do you have unwanted brassiness or yellow tones in your hair?
for orange, brassy tones: blue shampoo!
yellow tones: purple shampoo!

pro hair tip of the day: get haircuts regularly, even if you’re trying to grow your hair out! split ends will continue to split and break off the hair shaft, causing extra damage and resulting in the opposite of hair growth. healthy hair grows a lot faster!

pro hair tip of the day: always use a heat protectant spray while using hot tools (curling irons/wands, flat irons)! These tools can reach temps up to 450 degrees and they can and absolutely will melt your hair!
sprays seal your look in and also leave a protective coating when heated that keeps your hair from burning off.
***also pls make sure your hair is COMPLETELY DRY before using hot tools! if yr hair feels cool to the touch but looks dry, it’s still wet!

pro hair tip of the day: don’t forget to deep condition! even if ur hair isn’t damaged from chemical processes; heat tools, the sun and other environmental factors can do a number on ya strands!

There may be one thing I love more than hair
Burger King

pics coming soon BUT I just gave @catgoat some dang purple hair
looks sick ked

hey check out my new account just for HAIR!!!
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