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this account is just video game chatter publicly

and severe mental illness privately


i'm still not over my sycrus tower run yesterday where half my team just. decided to hang out at the entrance and do nothing while me, two white mages, and another red mage had to beat it without them...

Things I wanna do/should? do in ffxiv 

- Get to the third dungeon in shadowbringers, pretty close i think but it's story heavy so like. idk. how long it'll actually take.

- Finish the Alphascape raid series o:

- Level Red Mage more and gear up to Shire Gear

- Race chocobos

- Daily stuff like Beast Tribes. Wow are they faster post ARR.

ffxiv, dun scaith 

it really wasn't that bad imo, even with my odd suddenly 2x speed lag issues i'm having

however, the fucking salt levels of the other players are through the rough there, wow

not even the yelling, just the, HOW DARE YOU NOT BE GOOD, ffxiv player base, i thought better of you

i need to vent about some stuff so i trimmed who i follow/follows me by like, a lot

pretty sure i accidentally yeeted a few friends too i'm sorry i am very bad at this

p l e a s e don't take it personally

somehow i missed out on a piece of pop culture and idk how 

taking a music test because boredom and depression and 'wonderwall' was an answer so i decided to finally go listen to it

yeah i've literally never heard this before

i don't know how??? but nah hadn't heard this before

is the quiz

also i apparently stopped listening to music if it wasn't related to weeb shit or video games (or used as an amv) in 2012

okay self

this account is just video game chatter publicly

and severe mental illness privately

re: ffxiv 

i don't think i'm up for the responsibility of tanking a 24 man either tbh. I should ask some of the tank only people i know how bad it is but i am a very nervous person so...

i honestly. don't even really like healing them that much? i need to do dun scaith and maybe the dalmasca raids because i love that game so fucking much i wanna at least. see.

USUALLY people aren't too mean about healers dying in those either because. it's. its a lot. but i have been paired with some jerky cohealers the past few runs

and combine that with how poorly my last alex run went as tank i

i'm a little raided out xx....


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I say I’m a white mage main but in all honesty I want to be a dual dark knight/white mage main…

I sort of am? But due to the ten second ps4 load in time I am usually off tank in trials and oh god people are so mean :c

ffxiv, -, ignore me, just sad 

ngl i am incredibly discouraged with how hard the first shadowbringers dungeon was... i'm going to. try and tough it out but.

is this game just... not going to be fun as the classes i like to play anymore?

why be excited for endwalker if it logically going to be even harder?

idk i'll. leave the msq alone for now and do like. some sidequests....

i guess if worse comes to worse i use the trust system and turn my mmo into a solo game...

re: FFXIV, Finished Stormblood, Spoilers n Thoughts 

AND PLEASE DON'T TELL ME THE PATCHES FIX THINGS! I can judge a game proper, I'll write up on the patches when I finish. I'm not completely unspoiled, but like. I'm allowed to have critiques just as much as you're allowed to like things!

All in all, I'd say it's a big improvement gameplay wise, story wise.......eeeehhhh......

but i'm enjoying the patches so far, they're pretty fun, and I'm looking forward to Shadowbringers.


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re: FFXIV, Finished Stormblood, Spoilers n Thoughts 

I get that's why people like Stormblood. Real consequences. Idk tho, it's really not for me.

A friend had a good critique too: I don't know Yda. Why should I care?

I mean, I started in Gridania, so I got to know Lyse and Papalymo first, but. Even so errr. It was kinda... uh game... why should I care? I want to but.

I do love seeing Lyse's growth though. I'm gonna miss her :c.

Once I left the steppe I didn't hate it as much but I was pretty bored. I don't like the main villian. He kinda just disgusts me. I don't like the bored villian trying to feel trope?

I get why people do but it's very much not for me.

honestly Stormblood seems to do the same story like. Four times? Rally common folk, get them killed, rinse, repeat, until Azim Steppe where you at least don't get them killed I guess.

Yotsuyu was fun but really under utilized. I don't even get to fight her?

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re: FFXIV, Finished Stormblood, Spoilers n Thoughts 

I liked the Azim Steppe. I loved it so much. I did every sidequest and I fucking love the xaela.

But I legit fucking hated Stormblood up to that point. I get what it was trying to do, storywise. Maybe if I'd started playing in ARR, it would matter to me? Instead of playing this all in a few months time.

But like. It felt like rehashed plot? Oh the WoL is TOO strong they need to lose!

yes well maybe do make it so you can be winning the scripted lose fights then because it just feels cheap

I get what they're going for; War story. Hell. Refugees. Both sides have bad points.

But legitimately I was miserable by Yanxia, and Yanxia made it so much worse.

I just loooove getting people killed :/. Like, at least with the people in HW I had a emotional connection with them, but here, they're innocents and i kind of.... can't care as much because I don't know them?

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FFXIV, Finished Stormblood, Spoilers n Thoughts 

Alright I'll be real. Gameplay fun. It's def ramping up in difficulty but it's not impossible and honestly... I kind of like the challenge?

Tho a good party can make or break a dungeon/trial run. When I play tank, I can be cautious if needed... but if I play healer I cannot work miracles. I can get damn close, butttt i can't. make up for some stuff.

I was in Bardam's Meddle earlier with someone who got the stack marker confused with the other markers. You know. The ones that mean RUN AWAY FROM THE PARTY.

kept trying to stack with me and like. buddy. i am white mage. i am not made to take damage. pls.

I will say I think Bardam's Meddle does a good job teaching mechanics. A lot more aoe dodging and such now.

I also like how the QTE events are fucking... Fun???? The final boss one ruled. I FUCKING LOVE TANKING SUSANOO'S SWORD AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

aand now to story thoughts


I mean I always get attached to player insert characters but I’m sorta impressed HOW attached I am to Kyn


ffxiv, mild? vague? stormblood spoilers I GUESS 

i got to tank the sword in ffxiv and i'm so happy

god that's fun

hours later and i'm still 'heeeeeeeeee' over it

re: FFXIV, Stormblood spoilers I GUESS 

the other healer was so very nice about it too, told me not to worry and never bitched about raising me three times ;.;. Still kept doing it, too? Like. I have had co healers refuse to raise because how DARE i die.

;.; so nice.

I've never had to press r3 before to do a mechanic so like. idek. i guess i know what to do next time???

anyway, now to calm down so i can sleep.

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FFXIV, Stormblood spoilers I GUESS 

i got a little bit past Lakshimi fight, I'm HOPING to finish stormblood by monday?? I mean I'll still have update patches to get through as well, but

main part will be done

I really hated it up until the azim steppe, i'm not going to lie. But I liked the entire mini arc with the Xaela, I did every sidequest there.

All in all I like aspects of it but I'm not a huge fan minus. One chunk of it? So idk. Maybe by the end that'll change who knows.

I went into Lakshimi blind because it was 11.30pm and sometimes I don't fucknig want to look up a guide okay.


to be fair I'm not sure a guide would've helped. They all assume pc use, and I use ps4 (controller)

The annoying part is I could tell WHAT was killing me, WHAT i needed to do to not die, but I couldn't figure out HOW to press the fucking button???

I figured it out at the very last part. VERY LAST.


friggin day dreamin about on tanking susanoo

yeah it's safe to say i love tanking as much as healing now lql


I only care if I’ve pulled anddddd then the off tanks stance goes on

That makes me mad /:

Ah well. It’s more fun than not.

Maybe someday when I lose my sprout … and if I get a ps5 (lol xx) my load in times will be quicker

Eh. Idk. Ffxiv fun, chillax self

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And it’s not always sprouts either? If it’s someone’s first time then go for it buddy have fun you want me to on tank just say so (usually happens after a wipe or two :c) but idk it’s pr fun to cheer the newer tank on and give tips if they ask or we wipe once but they want to keep on tanking

There are a few fights where I’m like ‘er. I think I should on tank this time, you watch’

But I really don’t care

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