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look, unless I know you from somewhere/someone else, or followed you first I'm not gonna follow you back sorry

local asshole actually pretty good uncle, everyone is surprised (old comic i decided to spruce up and experiment with)

Whenever I finish a comic or a part of a story, I take a two week break... I might take all of December 'off'

and. when I come back, I may work on a different project for awhile, because part 3 of Some Trick is... too close to a thing I'm dealing with IRL right now, apologies.

then again i may just want to get back to it, will see.

anyone got any podcast recs? I draw a lot so i need things to listen to

Some Trick 10-11, small reference to child abuse cw 

10-11 of Some Trick, Part 2, and where I leave off for now

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