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this account is just video game chatter publicly

and severe mental illness privately



thinkin' about the latest ffxiv raids 

it is hilarious to me all the bg music is. just dracula's bounce castle but all spooky and serious

then you get to bounce castle it's LETS HAVE FUN EDGELORDS WOOOOOOO



EW screencap, not plot spoilery but deffo spoilery. Funny. 

yeah well

your mother

i'm aware this is probably a result of most people not choosing to put the height slider at max on one of the taller races but ssssh

re: ffxiv, i'm proud of this, so minor brag, continued 

i tried to tell our healer when i could tell the same thing was gonna happen again to run when they get tethered by the purple rope, okay i mean that one, RUN, NOW

er nope they go down, samurai follows, and i'm worried the same thing is gonna happen again but

i survived with like 100 hp ahaha

the tank hugged me and commed me ;D

fyi like i'm not mad at them for being new, i'm just. legit surprised a dancer and a warrior can beat that boss from around half hp

and proud of us :P

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ffxiv, i'm proud of this, so minor brag 

so i'm learning dancer, it's not going to be a main but i want to do the ranged melee dps role quests in endwalker

and it's fun. i'm not the best armored because im leveling it right now, and last night i was in the ravel, with a new samurai and new astro

our tank, a warrior, was not new, and was pretty nice

i could tell the astro was watching me to learn the fights and i felt so bad when i accidentally got them debuffed once because i read a marker wrong

but i guess they must've had chat off because they didn't respond to me or the tank who asked if big pulls were okay? which like, is fine, but anyway -

final boss, samurai dies, gets res. astro dies. then samurai. boss is at 40 or so health but i change my dance partner to the tank and MAN DID WE TRY.

LB, mitigation, invul

got it done to like 10%, I die. Tell tank good luck. a sliver of hp left, he dies

we throw flowers and coins at each other as i peleton us back from the start lol

i don't usually post art here but i think you should all see feral bunny boy

one day i'll draw kyn looking happy but then the world might implode

ffxiv, i just had the best worst raid in puppets bunker... 

god it was a mess and wonderful

one team sniped the other, then a teams tank disconnected and neverrrr came back..... one of our healers marked themself as a person to follow to safety and lead me to my death three times before i decided hmmm no

i think i died like seven times lol

a dps had to tank on that team w no tank and kept surviving tankbusters somehow

we all had silly ass names (hi i'm kyn pawz and i regret NOTHING)

it was two peoples first time at the bunker

and. i decided to use red mage lb3, which blinds horribly, the price we pay for verraise...

because fuck you thats why

also because it. it was a raid for it if there ever was, haha

slap happy chatty alliance, usually when things go that south people get mad but i think everyone was just. 'its holidays and i'd rather raid and now's my chance NOTHING is ruining this!!'

and nothing did

Strength and love to everyone on this very hard day

Please boost last rt :(, is good friend asking for help

People take ffxiv too seriously

It’s a fucking video game


ffxiv, nier raids 

had a fun run in the tower earlier in ffxiv

had to rez mage half the party in the final boss but honestly i live for that :P, I'm a healer main and I wish wish WISH I was good enough to heal that... but I'm not.

People were chill, twice I was resed by someone from a different party who was also from my server? I think I might've resed them once (my targeting found someone dead on the floor not in my party and i was like 'Oh. Huh. WELP. I can fix that, it's been a minute, healers are probably outta insta cast'

Or maybe they recognize me from faerie. Sometimes people do? Which is interesting :O

I. I had a dragoon buddy I think I resed like six times. They kept giving me their tether and I'm sure that's why, ahaha

I'm starting to notice a lot of healers in Nier raids deffo enter the raid in a party together, which is hilar and sweet.


Me, an idiot: I’ll rest on 5.2’s end for awhile! Don’t wanna burn out!

5.2’s end: what if I really make you want more tho! What if!


Okay 4 even raids down that’s. That’s enough for tonight

Healer lost their SHIT in the titan raid it was fun /:


I’m doing some eden raids tonight and I’m going in as tank since… fuck it I like tanking a lot

The first one was fun o:

ffxiv, screenshot from trust but not really spoilers imo 

are ya worried about alisaie there buddy're right to be, i don't think thats enough shielding for her

Donations needed, not for me, but a friend, please boost or give if you can :c 

Hey my friend Keetah is really struggling and could use some dosh, details here:

ffxiv, this is. literally just about glam but i'm pondering 

ff it i'm keeping my white mage fox glam for awhile even if halloween is over, i like it

keeping the spooky red mage glam too

i'll retire tank fox glam tho, it's fun but it isn't pretty and i miss my tail

re: ffxii, ffxiv 

idk if i even LIKE ffxii that much i just love fran and i love balthier so much

i uh. don't really care about vahn or penelo or even basch

i do love ashe a lot too but the sky pirates should've been the main chars, fairly sure that's a common criticism

as well as it should have been an mmo because it is very much designed like one and plays like one

ivalice ;.;, love, so much

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ffxii, ffxiv 

i game on the guest bed but i am. seriously considering buying ffxii zodiac age on switch even though i HAVE it on my ps4 already

so i have something i don't need to leave my bed for

...and it's entirely because of the ivalice raids in ffxiv...

okay i've only done the first one but it filled me such nostalgia (and seeing it felt like home ;.;.)

that i'm once again tempted to beat that stupid game, i've made it 90% of the way in twice and never finished

FFXIV, Final Dark Knight Quest, Spoilers, obv 

"I wanted this, once. More than anything. A Chance to speak and be heard... But neither of us needs it anymore. And if we were to look deep within ourselves, we would realize that we never did."

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