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alucard was first introduced in castlevania iii: dracula’s curse which was released in 1989, which is the same year i was born and thereby proof that alucard and i are soulmates send toot

adding "an expert at starting books but bad at remembering to finish them" to my resume

do you ever think about the fact that in rocko’s modern life it’s implied that murder and cannibalism are acceptable as long as it’s done with the intent to feed other carnivores, except where they go a step further in the episode where heffer finds out he’s adopted and his birth dad makes a comment that his mother is a carseat in illinois?

it runs counter to how i’ve always read books, but i’m trying to get myself to read a little bit of several books whenever i’m undecided on what i want to read, instead of wasting time all day trying to figure out what i’m in the mood for. something will eventually stand out, surely, and i’ll be working through books i want to get out of the way in the process.

i have soo many books i wanna read and no idea where to start aaaaa why do i let myself get overwhelmed like this

i couldn’t understand why people started making waterproof e-readers until i realized i very much would like to still read a book while taking a bath

i don’t need a new e-reader but i sure do find myself wanting one since mine seems determined to be glitchy as hell and constantly not work right

i do love to read and it is probably my favorite hobby, and i do enjoy rereading books i enjoyed, but i do wish it was easier to find new queer books that did not also require me to spend money i don’t have, because libraries do not usually have a large collection of lgbt themed books, especially when what you want is new fiction to read.

people who can make new accounts freely and move instances whenever they feel like it are stronger than i’ll ever be because i can’t even get myself to feel like i’ve set up one account completely and i’ve had this one for nearly a year

i should make a new introduction toot but i never know what to put in one. or rather idk what i want to mention so i just never get around to it...

i like the concept of the fediverse, even if i’m notoriously bad at using services related to it.

capitalism is the way the main promotion i see on my kindle is amazon asking me to trade in and upgrade to a new one because i’ve had the same device for 5.5 years and they hate that, but the joke is on you amazon because when i *can* afford a fancy new e-reader i plan to buy from your competitors just to spite you and be one of the statistics in the us market using someone other than amazon.

i met a new friend today (unfortunately i couldn’t afford to buy him...)

still think it’s weird that the heterosexuals gender scents and that it translates into “here are 3 basic scents we’ll market to men while everything else is clearly inherently feminine and will be marketed to women”

mel :fuckterfs: uppied

Thank you for flying Gay Airlines, we wish you a pleasant stay.

mel :fuckterfs: uppied
mel :fuckterfs: uppied
mel :fuckterfs: uppied
mel :fuckterfs: uppied
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