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happy new year, might as well introduce myself :'3

i'm gensou! or gen for short. i'm an autistic NB dude who likes video games and fantasy stuff! i dabble in a lot of things, but most notably i draw fanart of video game characters as furries.

some of my interests are , , , , , , / , , , and + +

please read my carrd in my bio before following!

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for my own safety, i ask that people please read my carrd before following me anywhere. though, because of recent experiences and revelations, i feel these two points are extremely important and need special mentioning.

i don't want to deal with anyone else who acts like this. i don't want to be hurt any more than i already have been. i just want to live in peace after what i've had to go through.

steam be like "uhhhhhhhh what's storefront curation"

byuu v1 released. This is my magnum opus emulator project, which aims to provide the accuracy of higan with the simplicity and performance of bsnes.

I am looking for co-developers to join the project. Please help spread the word if you can, thank you ^-^

that time of year where the temperature during nights are perfect for snuggling in blankets

dqb2 is a really cozy game aaaaaaaa

i'll see if i can take some snaps sometime, though i haven't really built anything outside of story-mandatory stuff asjdjhgfjsf

why was one of the mainline dragon quest games an MMO and why did final fantasy do that very same thing twice

we really need a pokemon snap sequel/spiritual successor tbh

y'know in hindsight, they should've just called the dragon quest musou game "dragon quest warriors" purely just to fuck with people

was able to get a code since my dad works at comcast

my badge of shame

a fightstick made out of an annie's mac and cheese box

started neko atsume from scratch after a couple years

boy howdy i'm back on my bullshit

i'm rly glad warframe's on switch coz man i do not have the hard drive space for it on pc lmao

i'd also be okay with more good f2p games (coughpathofexilecough)

when's the dkc trilogy getting on nintendo switch online snes library

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