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happy new year, might as well introduce myself :'3

i'm gensou! or gen for short. i'm an autistic NB dude who likes video games and fantasy stuff! i dabble in a lot of things, but most notably i draw fanart of video game characters as furries.

some of my interests are , , , , , , / , , , and + +

please read my carrd in my bio before following!

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for my own safety, i ask that people please read my carrd before following me anywhere. though, because of recent experiences and revelations, i feel these two points are extremely important and need special mentioning.

i don't want to deal with anyone else who acts like this. i don't want to be hurt any more than i already have been. i just want to live in peace after what i've had to go through.

yeah i'm honestly glad i have an everdrive64 and that n64 games in general are p easy to emulate coz nobody's paying fifty dollars for the switch equivalent of blockbusters

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nothing says comfy like playing monster hunter on a chilly autumn night while covered in blankets

on an unrelated note, still wild that kiryu kazuma is in a monkey ball game

i may not be immune to propaganda as a whole due to my inherent human nature but i am immune to shitty military twitch ad propaganda

i want autumn weather here already, it's still warm as heck here ;;

i really should use this place more but Man This Year Has Not Been Great

at least i got dinosaur planet at least???

man my brain just does not feel like existing rn

got my meds refilled and i don't got any appointments for the rest of the summer

got a lot of personal project shit to catch up on but i wanna play monster hunter

oh yeah i turned 27 on the 8th

gettin me monster hunter generations ultimate as my birfday gift

happy "stop launching fireworks outside you assholes" day

to hell with anime figures, i want a little gargoyle to sit on my desk

friends don't let friends play fire emblem fates

shit's been reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally rough lately ugh

classic-era azeroth just feels a lot more satisfying to explore because of the mystery factor tbh. i wanna take more screenshots of my travels!

for real tho, as someone who started playing wowcraft during the TBC era, TBCclassic has a lot of cozy factor to it compared to the first wowclassic.

i can't play vanilla wowcraft without the crust, but seeing TBC wowcraft with the enhanced visuals is honestly rly nice.

still sticking with private servers for anything vanilla related ofc

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