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happy new year, might as well introduce myself :'3

i'm gensou! or gen for short. i'm an autistic NB dude who likes video games and fantasy stuff! i dabble in a lot of things, but most notably i draw fanart of video game characters as furries.

some of my interests are , , , , , , / , , , and + +

please read my carrd in my bio before following!

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for my own safety, i ask that people please read my carrd before following me anywhere. though, because of recent experiences and revelations, i feel these two points are extremely important and need special mentioning.

i don't want to deal with anyone else who acts like this. i don't want to be hurt any more than i already have been. i just want to live in peace after what i've had to go through.

got my meds refilled and i don't got any appointments for the rest of the summer

got a lot of personal project shit to catch up on but i wanna play monster hunter

oh yeah i turned 27 on the 8th

gettin me monster hunter generations ultimate as my birfday gift

happy "stop launching fireworks outside you assholes" day

to hell with anime figures, i want a little gargoyle to sit on my desk

friends don't let friends play fire emblem fates

shit's been reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally rough lately ugh

classic-era azeroth just feels a lot more satisfying to explore because of the mystery factor tbh. i wanna take more screenshots of my travels!

for real tho, as someone who started playing wowcraft during the TBC era, TBCclassic has a lot of cozy factor to it compared to the first wowclassic.

i can't play vanilla wowcraft without the crust, but seeing TBC wowcraft with the enhanced visuals is honestly rly nice.

still sticking with private servers for anything vanilla related ofc


god i wish articulating my thoughts wasn't such a fucking ordeal

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i will singlehandedly fistfight everyone at activision's management and that is a promise

the mere concept of nfts infuriates me just buy a furry commission for fuck's sake

in other news, got my psvita modded, time to put shit on it

what fucking era are we living in when the fucking NOID comes back from mascot hell

covid (nothin too bad tho) 

got my first vaccine shot today and Wow My Arm Feels Like Hell

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