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happy new year, might as well introduce myself :'3

i'm gensou! or gen for short. i'm an autistic NB dude who likes video games and fantasy stuff! i dabble in a lot of things, but most notably i draw fanart of video game characters as furries.

some of my interests are , , , , , , / , , , and + +

please read my carrd in my bio before following!

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for my own safety, i ask that people please read my carrd before following me anywhere. though, because of recent experiences and revelations, i feel these two points are extremely important and need special mentioning.

i don't want to deal with anyone else who acts like this. i don't want to be hurt any more than i already have been. i just want to live in peace after what i've had to go through.

someone on birdsite said that 2021 twitter has basically become 2015 tumblr and christ they are not lying

gonna get my ps3 tuned up later this week

kinda excited to mod it but man how fucking shameful it has to come to this because jim ryan is a fuckwit

webp isn't an image format. it is an enigma designed to piss people off.

settled with dinosaur planet because eternal hometown :'3

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debating if i wanna change my icon/header to either disgaea theme or dinosaur planet theme hmmm..........

so uh. there's now a page for dinosaur planet. y'know, that cancelled n64 game that got leaked a month ago.

obviously no "full game" categories since the leaked build is incomplete and buggy, but still p neat to see

i'm going to make it my life mission to punch jim ryan in the mouth

got some lemonade-flavored gum and its making me want actual lemonade now ;w;

workin on archiving and uploading various neopets stuff to because i'm probably one of like. ten people who actively care about preserving the content on that site

c'mon people at least archive the neopian times content and stories, please

if a game doesn't give you an option from the start to play as a furry, is it really worth playing

modern social media is a joke, i want forums back

negative, csa mention 

"proship"/"anti-anti"/"ex-anti" mentality is a fucking cesspit and it needs to die in a fire already

birdsite was already bad enough without their ignorant ass pedo apologist diatribe and i hate that people are buying into that fucking nonsense

hi, i'm angry!

has anyone edited sojiro sakura's bustup art so he looks like rusty venture

asking for a friend

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