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Trans guys who *are* men but *aren't* masc are a wonderful gift and I cherish every one of you 💜💜💜

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do not want to see or be seen by strangers in meatspace

Today I'm making the first giant afghan square for my pink winter blanket (lap shown for scale, it's going to be a whopper!)

@mauve 🤔 I do have a datefriend in Germany...

RN I'm remembering an old lady who was sitting at an opposite end of a bus stop and got up and walked up to me to tell me about how her butt is too bony to sit comfortably on those metal benches




Getting together a fund to send the people responsible for creating CG fireflies for films and television on a trip to a location with real fireflies so they know how real fireflies look

:_gaysparkle: Mauve's Polari Word of the Day :_gaysparkle:

dowry = a lot

The word dowry can apparently be used to "upgrade" any noun, and Paul Baker gives some charming examples of this in the glossary of 'Fabulosa':

dowry efink = sword (dowry + knife)

dowry lattie = palace (dowry + house/flat)

dowry omee = king (dowry + man)

(the yarn is a lot darker IRL than in this picture, my phone camera is terrible with deep red colours 😅)

Trans guys who *are* men but *aren't* masc are a wonderful gift and I cherish every one of you 💜💜💜

Also extremely happy to be around other trans men who aren't all "wow bro, lookin hella masc, let's fistbump" etc

I feel so grateful for the friends I've made on masto, and it still surprises me that I actually managed to establish genuine friendships! If you'd told me a year ago that I'd eventually have have platonic friends - people who I would voluntarily spend time with IRL! - I would have found the idea completely absurd 😅

This is one thing I'm very happy to have been wrong about 😊

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