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Oh blimey, I guess now that Romance Halloween has come and gone, it's time to gear up for Yellow-themed Springtime Halloween 🐀 πŸ₯š 🌼

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I think part of my bafflement about this is that food seems almost as personal as sex to me, so declaring in the office that you've been "good" or "bad" in terms of your diet sounds a bit like randomly telling your colleagues that you've been doing really well with your "no masturbation challenge" 😬

"I was bad yesterday and ate X, so today I'm being good and doing <exercise> after work!"

No, Denise, you're not being good, you're being tedious. πŸ™„

I would like very much to never hear food or exercise described in terms of moral worth, ever again. (I mean in the context of diet talk, btw.)

Signed, someone who works in an office full of people doing Weight Watchers, who are always going on about food being "bad" and exercise being "good".

1 in 3 people is gay.

1 in 1 people on mastodon is gay.

Now you know.

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it's amazing how pigeons are just everywhere and everyone is freely allowed to enjoy their presence and they're so cute

you can just walk someplace and suddenly a pretty pidge joins you and improves your mood

The Opportunity rover’s final message from Mars was β€œMy battery is low and it is getting dark.”

Proof that I must have popped my clogs and gone to heaven:

a) I've got a lovely boyfriend
b) Fanta are releasing a no-added-sugar purple grape soda in the UK!!! πŸ‡ ✨

I've written three sonnets in three days, and I'm starting to think this boy is the muse I've been waiting my entire life for 😍

This boy is changing me so much, in a very good way, and I'm so happy 😍

there is no sound better than a purring cat.

if I got paid for worrying about things I could afford anything I need

@mauve it's screaming "I'm gay" in waterfall language

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