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hey meemu friends! we've had a few new folks join us so I just wanna drop this info here

your staff members are the following!

admins: @catgoat / @Trufflesnuffle

mod squad: @Sig / @Gwyndolin

you can find our rules over here:

any questions, feel free to message @meemu or any of the staff! just remember to be excellent to each other :heart_pride:

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any changes to the meemu theemu(s) or customizations to the code itself will be up on github:

the code is free to snag, under the same license as mastodon itself.

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meemu minecraft server? run by @catgoat and @Sig ?

If your avatar or header are still blank on meemu, and you don’t want to wait for me to fix it, re-uploading will work! Otherwise I’ll be trying to get permissions fixed on the last few migrated files <3

site uploads are all good... most of the headers and avatars are back, but not all of them


older images will be a little wonky as I go through and work on migrating stuff, but new toots should be blazin' fast!

hi!!! i'm switching us over to a new image/content host over here on meemu, things might be a bit funky

....ok well, might take up to 4 days for everything to migrate 😿

hey meemusers!! i'm in the process of migrating from wasabi to digital ocean spaces for all our media. there may be a little weirdness over the next 24 hours as it progresses

alright!! i'm looking into migrating us the heck off of wasabi lmao

this is a problem that has been going for _months_ and i have not been able to reach's nightpool to get it resolved since

our DNS has not changed recently other than adding IPv6 to _try to resolve_ this issue already (it evidently hasn't)

PLEASE help.


can't follow anyone on:
and likely our messages aren't getting there right either

sundog from toot-lab solved this by purging the dns in his server which fixed resolving

please help.


yet another 2.9.2+glitch instance that times out trying to talk to us

can someone _please_ help me


Follow up: any folks have a good guide for migrating off of wasabi? Maybe to DO spaces? I use that for and it has been much more stable...

hey meemusers.... anyone else having slowness loading images?

it's Monday in NZ, so here's an elegant Finn for ! What was he hunting so intensely, you may wonder? The lid from my wife's noodles.

#mastoadmin (mostly, as far as I can tell) rejects gab, kiwifarms, etc from being able to see any of our content (uploaded media, toots, users, etc) from their servers. would it be useful to explain how we do this? if i say "i do user agent checking in nginx and block if it matches a set of expressions", does that explain it enough so that i don't need to write the post?

thanks in advance for your replies <3 (feel free to boost, i guess)

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