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hey meemu friends! we've had a few new folks join us so I just wanna drop this info here

your staff members are the following!

admins: @catgoat / @Trufflesnuffle

mod squad: @Sig / @Gwyndolin

you can find our rules over here:

any questions, feel free to message @meemu or any of the staff! just remember to be excellent to each other :heart_pride:

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any changes to the meemu theemu(s) or customizations to the code itself will be up on github:

the code is free to snag, under the same license as mastodon itself.

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meemu has a trello board to track what's coming and what's underway!

@anna @meemu @spookywitch for security purposes, only one person knows my passwords and I do not know who that person is

i did not expect this many people to boost this toot beyond meemu :aaaa:

@meemu just, in general,

if a person asks you for your password, they're either scamming you or they have the worst possible security practices

in either case, report it and don't give them any information

just a reminder that instance admins will never ask for your password for any reason! there's no reason for us to need it

so if someone ever DMs you and asks for a password, report that DM! It's definitely a scam

instance meta 

instance update:

today @olympiaxylaige was trying to eat and meemu stretched out along their leg to try and steal butter

end instance update

@Gargron Idea: Profile Directory but only for instance cats

meemu instance update 

meemu users: you can use a crossposter on meemu if you want, please set it to Unlisted and set a CW though


Did you know we run more than just Check out the other services offered up by meemu! :kirby_happy:

upgrade to 2.9.1 coming some time today!! gotta get some of that that moderation API and audio uploads

Hi meemusers,

We're on 2.9.0 now! You can now use single column layout, and the vaporwave? theme is updated to work for both layouts.

Check it out by going into the preferences and toggling the "advanced layout" option!

gonna be working my way through the update to 2.9 today! just tested the themes locally for compatibility :)

daily backups for coming... soon... is handled by the managed hosting provider <3

meemu instance update:

I sniped @sky 's backup scripts and we now have daily backups to backblaze b2! phew :) seems to be working good so far

phew!!! all done. Next version of masto to come this weekend.

Went pretty smoothly!!!

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