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any changes to the meemu theemu(s) or customizations to the code itself will be up on github:

the code is free to snag, under the same license as mastodon itself.

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meemu mod team: expanded.

@fuzzyproxy has been a mod for a bit!!

and now

@Sig for EU time zone coverage!

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meemu has a trello board to track what's coming and what's underway!

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I just dropped A1 BBQ on my cat, guess I gotta eat her now...

Local admin forgets to hit save button on settings page, causes confusion, more at 11
(If you joined before I switched off open reg, no worries! You’re all set!)

meemu is invite only again for now, but will re-open again intermittently this weekend after the instance gets a needed memory boost 💜💜💜 you can generate invites by going to settings > invites ! Thanks to everyone who joined us recently for hopping in to the meemu coze zone.

meemu is gonna need some more weekend will probably involve a little downtime to resize the ram and disk for the instance <3

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meemu is part of the fediverse! Which means you can see and interact with posts from people on all sorts of different places. Right now we’re connected with over 2,000 other instances c: You can see some of the other folks around by clicking on to the federated timeline — that’s the globe icon on the website!

welcome new users and people fleeing the scourge of tumblr!! mastodon is a little different from most social networks because each community is run by individual people and not by corporations, for the most part! Take a peek at your instances’s rules, ours are here

Your admin team on is @catgoat and @Trufflesnuffle and the mod squad is @Sig and @fuzzyproxy

me before abolishing private property vs me after abolishing private property

should i silence m.s so that there aren't as many posts from there on the instance fedi TL?

~~ a cat, attempting to toot ~~

(at the place we are staying)
(his name is Seamus)

#hypertwins #cats

Also @bestcat this is my other cat, Kiki (one picture may or may not have Silky too), enjoy! #cat #cats

so hello ! here are pictures of my kids

Your local, friendly tripod kitty has come to bless you all with a . :blep: @cats

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