why would users posts show up on the federated timeline for an instance I’ve suspended :s

@meemu new posts or old posts? I don't think that it does a retroactive purge but new stuff should stop showing up

@electroCutie Yeah idk someone just DM’d me that posts from a user are showing up on a site I’ve blocked for quite a while so I asked for more info because I wanna be sure my domain block is actually working

@electroCutie I had it blocked October 10th, the post I think is in question is probably newer than that... I just deleted and re-added the domain block. wondering if maybe something didn’t get fully processed :/

@meemu hmm, was it missing from the list? Well, let me know if there is anything to this bug (?) you had. I'd like to know.

good luck!

@electroCutie no, it wasn’t missing, but talking with some other admins, it looks like your posts can still get passed to the other instances you’ve blocked via boosts even if you have them blocked. :(

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