just a reminder that instance admins will never ask for your password for any reason! there's no reason for us to need it

so if someone ever DMs you and asks for a password, report that DM! It's definitely a scam

i did not expect this many people to boost this toot beyond meemu :aaaa:

@meemu just, in general,

if a person asks you for your password, they're either scamming you or they have the worst possible security practices

in either case, report it and don't give them any information

@spookywitch @anna @ben all of my passwords are "password" but i spelled it with a 4 so no one can guess

@anna @meemu @spookywitch for security purposes, only one person knows my passwords and I do not know who that person is

@bryceyoungquist @ben @anna @meemu i have mastered the pronunciation, you knave! I have access to your account. I'm in.

@meemu Hey there. I've got some nice watches, they only cost your password.

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