Meemu supports the black lives matter movement. we need to stand up for our Black siblings in the fight for justice, equality, and human rights. We need to fight police brutality across the country and uplift the voices of those most impacted. This injustice done to the Black community cannot be allowed to continue.

On behalf of meemu I (@catgoat) will put up $1500 as a donation fund, and will use this to match donation receipts sent to this account, as well as another $1,000 on my own to bail funds across the country

Please post your donation receipts and I will match your donation to that org as part of the $1500. If it is a 503c registered charity i can submit for 1:1 matching through work, effectively making it $5000 in total.

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@meemu @catgoat Sweet, I just donated $50 to The Bail Project a couple nights ago; should I DM you the receipt or just post it publicly or what? :3

@meemu @catgoat Is this starting now? I donated a bit last weekend, though it will not be the last.

@catgoat @meemu Alright, getting some together. I am blanking some identifying info from the screenshots, but will DM you unedited versions if that is OK.

@catgoat @meemu Actually, if you are fine with just DM I will just stick to that. I sent you copies a minute ago.

@catgoat No, thank YOU for doing this and letting all our donations go so much farther!

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