hey meemu users and meemu adjacent friends, April is meemu’s 5th birthday (and real life meemu’s almost-11th!). We’d like to celebrate, would y’all be interested in a meemu anniversary Jackbox game?

CSS Style For Identifying Undescribed Media 

Recently, several users expressed a desire for a way to quickly check if the images in the toot they were about to boost were described. It would be nice if Mastodon itself offered warnings for that, as well as for forgetting to describe media in your own posts, but until then, this is actually one problem admins can fix on our own!
All you need to do is go into the site settings and add a bit of CSS code that will display a red border around any undescribed media. There are two examples available, depending on how subtle or noticeable you want the border to be; experiment and see what you like!
Thanks to @IngaLovinde for thinking of the starting code and @FiXato for improving on it! They did all the work here; I am just sharing this along.
Open this post in a new tab and look at the image to see how this can look like. The example image is my avatar, described in another pinned post.
#MastoAdmin #MastoDev

Howdy :meemu:​ folks! We're temporarily pausing open registrations for a bit! However, you can still invite your friends by generating an invite here: meemu.org/invites or by asking one of the mod squad to generate one for you :meemu:

Hello new faces and old! I know we’ve had some new and returning folks lately, don’t forget to give yourself a quick refresh on our rules here: meemu.org/about/more and definitely ask any of the staff ( @catgoat @Salem @piggy and @Sig or just DM this account) if you have any questions! 💜💜💜:meemu:

Announcement: The #Fedivision Song Contest is open for original submissions of music from now until Friday, 28th of May, 23:59 UTC! Please send your artist name, song name, your chosen ficitional country and a link to your song to this account here, I'll collect everything!

Voting will take place from Saturday, 29th 12:00 (noon) UTC to Sunday, 30th, 12:00!

fediverse crawler 

Requesting a whole bunch of posts (user-agent is already in my bad bots list, so it's just getting HTTP 503 responses):

IP address: (RDNS ninja-crawler14.webmeup.com)
user-agent: Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; BLEXBot/1.0; +http://webmeup-crawler.com/)


hmmm that bug with the database backup script is still there apparently oof, back up now

good morning to everyone except the increasingly desperate owner of the fediverse scraper now hiding under the useragent "Tusky" (just that one word), seen at

fuck you
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Google is a "cornerstone sponsor" of FOSDEM this year, which is being run entirely on Matrix, accessible on Android via Element, which has just been pulled from Google's Play Store. FOSDEM is in a week. This all makes perfect sense.

something went amiss with the cert renewal but its back now F

#mastoadmin how many sidekiq jobs failing a day is "normal"

@noelle so you know I’m not ignoring this, just have a huge migraine so will send you one when I am coherent 😬😬

for some reason i have yet to discern my backup script doesnt always clean up after itself!! but i'll sort that out at some point

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oops ran out of disk space for a sec!!! got it now

mild admin PSA 

#mastoadmin: here's a useragent string regex to block crawlers from a bunch of extremely scummy-looking SEO companies


Some of them have evidently been crawling posts from other people's masto profile pages because they keep hitting the same handful of mine with regularity. Consider burning these leeches off for your users' sake

going to spend some time this week getting us on to the latest version of mastodon, 3.3.0 <3

repostin' because I'm learning how to mastodon

Many Gifts
gouache and watercolour on wood panel

This might be my favourite thing I painted this year c:

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