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Hey meemu users!! our new domains are LIVE. We now have two new aliases: and . That means you can list your handle as being @ either of those domains! Also, you can use either domain to log in to more than one account. You'll still be listed as in timeline tho!

meemu admin action: suspending for the same reason everyone is (in case of later impersonation)

ok 2.5.1 is on meemu now, sorry for the down time plz forgive \o/

theemu updates are on hold because i broke my laptop! So ive been struggling along with a different machine. But it'll be fixed soon, so expect more theemu updates soon <3

hi lol wasabi doesnt work if you forget to add your billing details...!!! if you got an error uploading to meemu in the past few hours, it should be resolved now, sorry!!

In the early days of Mastodon someone would just post "Awoo" and then because the local/fed timeline was so small a bunch of other people would post "Awoo" until pretty much the entire active userbase was awooing at once.

ok meemu is back. sorry for the extra 30s of downtime I kept typing my password wrong :)

pls refresh for lastest theemu

oh! and a few tweaks to the default theemu. Some of the colors in modals and popup dialogs weren't the best :)

meemu is going to 2.5.0 shortly, expect a little slowness and maybe a minute or two of downtime

any changes to the meemu theemu(s) or customizations to the code itself will be up on github:

the code is free to snag, under the same license as mastodon itself.

hi!! we're back!! running on 2.5.0rc1. Lots of awesome stuff in here:

Also! All media is now hosted in wasabi s3. This will save ur local admin $$, and also means we won't have to worry about running out of risk space so fast! Meaning: reg might open again some time soon instead of just being invite only. :doge_cool:

GREETINGS MEEMU USERS: MEEMU IS GOING DOWN IMMINENTLY FOR UPGRADE. ETA within ~1hr, expect unstableness if you are trying to use it for the duration

meemu has a trello board to track what's coming and what's underway!

meemu mod team: expanded.

@fuzzyproxy has been a mod for a bit!!

and now

@Sig for EU time zone coverage!


Boost if you’re the CEO of Mastodon and you want to take down Twitter

hi!! local admin here, i am deploying an emergency patch to address a vulnerability in mastodon. plz bear with any downtime, etc.

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