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If you’re just joining us recently, hi hello! Welcome to meemu. Please check our rules here: and don’t be afraid to ask any of the staff questions.

Meemu is in (09:31:12)

Registration is open, come join the party cats :3c

instance block 

Instance Block Recommendation: (Transphobia/Aphobia) 

instance block 

why would users posts show up on the federated timeline for an instance I’ve suspended :s

Meemu is in (07:59:32)

reg is open, come party down in tiny feline town

Meemu is out (22:51:02)

Time for cat bed. Reg is invite-only for the night! <3

Hey meemu users!! our new domains are LIVE. We now have two new aliases: and . That means you can list your handle as being @ either of those domains! Also, you can use either domain to log in to more than one account. You'll still be listed as in timeline tho!

Meemu is in (12:03:05)

Reg is open and the Feline Shitposting experts are ready.

Want to start a WriteFreely instance? 

oh yeah, is using @write_as 's managed hosting! Good experience so far. :)

what's up MEEMU!! is up and ready for blogs

you can follow blogs from there from mastodon! like: @meemu

just removed an account that appears to have been made solely to advertise the kazvam instance, so i guess look out for someone doing that?

Meemu is in (11:46:23)

reg is open :3c come on through the cat flap

masto admin / spam instance block 

gosh this icon is great i am still so happy @reaux made it!!

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A queer, trans, and furry friendly instance. Come join us! Please be at least 18 years of age to sign up here!