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If you get an intermittent 500 error or can't load your follow requests, try logging out and back in

Hey meemu users! We are now on 2.7.0. Refresh to see the latest updates! You will see the getting started tutorial again when you refresh.

Here's a post with some highlights from this update!

hi meemu users!!! expect 2.7.0 to come today c:

If you’re just joining us recently, hi hello! Welcome to meemu. Please check our rules here: and don’t be afraid to ask any of the staff questions.

Meemu is in (09:31:12)

Registration is open, come join the party cats :3c

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why would users posts show up on the federated timeline for an instance I’ve suspended :s

Meemu is in (07:59:32)

reg is open, come party down in tiny feline town

Meemu is out (22:51:02)

Time for cat bed. Reg is invite-only for the night! <3

Hey meemu users!! our new domains are LIVE. We now have two new aliases: and . That means you can list your handle as being @ either of those domains! Also, you can use either domain to log in to more than one account. You'll still be listed as in timeline tho!

Meemu is in (12:03:05)

Reg is open and the Feline Shitposting experts are ready.

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oh yeah, is using @write_as 's managed hosting! Good experience so far. :)

what's up MEEMU!! is up and ready for blogs

you can follow blogs from there from mastodon! like: @meemu

just removed an account that appears to have been made solely to advertise the kazvam instance, so i guess look out for someone doing that?

Meemu is in (11:46:23)

reg is open :3c come on through the cat flap

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A queer and furry friendly instance with an official cat mascot, Meemu!! Please be at least 18 years of age to sign up here.