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hey meemu friends! we've had a few new folks join us so I just wanna drop this info here

your staff members are the following!

admins: @catgoat / @Trufflesnuffle

mod squad: @Sig / @Gwyndolin

you can find our rules over here:

any questions, feel free to message @meemu or any of the staff! just remember to be excellent to each other :heart_pride:

meemu is stretching her legs and waking up, the sidekiq queue is clear finally

meemu is having a bit of a catnap at the moment.... the federated TL and toots from other instances may be on a slight delay

Our host for upgraded us to 0.8.0! User invites are now a thing, and there were some minor fixes. Check it out!

It’s still broken baybee!!!!! Sorry everyone :(

All sites are now up-to-date on #WriteFreely v0.8!

One of the biggest changes in this release is the ability to let your users send out invites. If you want to enable this on your instance, you can head to the admin dashboard now to enable it!

This means you might have problems with image uploads or viewing images for now

Wasabi service interruptions? You don’t say....

what's up MEEMU!! is up and ready for blogs

you can follow blogs from there from mastodon! like: @meemu

Hey everyone on meemu! This is just a reminder, if you’re new or if it’s been a while since you last peeked them, please review our rules! You can find them here:

Ten Forward moderation announcement is now suspended on this instance.

Reasons are outlined here:

[CW: Nazi imagery]


If you get an intermittent 500 error or can't load your follow requests, try logging out and back in

Hey meemu users! We are now on 2.7.0. Refresh to see the latest updates! You will see the getting started tutorial again when you refresh.

Here's a post with some highlights from this update!

hi meemu users!!! expect 2.7.0 to come today c:

If you’re just joining us recently, hi hello! Welcome to meemu. Please check our rules here: and don’t be afraid to ask any of the staff questions.

Meemu is in (09:31:12)

Registration is open, come join the party cats :3c

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A queer, trans, and furry friendly instance. Come join us! Please be at least 18 years of age to sign up here!