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if you have another url in mind, feel free to comment. Right now we have,,,, and can use pretty much any of them with some combo of sub domains or just as the domain itself for other federated services 💜 or if u have a good idea in mind and it’s not too pricy, we can register it.

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are you interested in a pixelfed (like instagram) instance? possibly something like ?

also, we’re looking to get keybase verification set up! so expect some updates on that sometime 🙏🏻

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sup, meemu of meemu dot org here to say we’re set to invite and screened opened registration! so you can invite your friends directly or send anyone to the front page to fill out a brief form to request entry. 💜 come join the queer cat party 💜

WriteFreely is free and open source software for starting a minimalist, federated blog — or an entire community. Join our new instance:

#ActivityPub #Mastodon #Pleroma #Privacy

ok!! meemu is on 2.8.0!!

ok!! meemu is on 2.8.0!!

when we scoot on to 2.8, meemu will switch from open reg to request-based reg!

defederating on meemu for bot-like activity and seeming to generate suspicious follow requests

meemu mega corp would like to remind you to keep all hands, tails, snoots, horns, paws, hoofs, ears, and tentacles inside the ride at all time,

I like chicken I like liver meow mix meow mix please deliver

did you know meemu has a federated blog instance? it's! come scream in long form.

instance announcement 

Hello, World!

This is the first blog post about Marmota, a distributed and Free Software alternative to Spotify (and by extension the majority of the music streaming services)

Boosts and feedback appreciated!

Content creators in a decentralized/federated network shouldn't be punished for creating cool things. You already did something valuable by making something people want to see; the network should help you distribute it.

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A queer, trans, and furry friendly instance. Come join us! Please be at least 18 years of age to sign up here!