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meemu's official position is that gab can eat shit :)

One of the neat side-effects of adding custom CSS to squish favorites and boosts is that it makes me want to post more :D

For any #MastoAdmin folks who might want to use this, I've published the CSS here:

Meemu users and friends,

There will be some downtime this weekend around 6pm ET on Saturday, May 25th! We're going to do some upgrades to the actual server meemu is on and likely also go to 2.8.2 as part of the process. It may take an hour or two. Also, we will go from weekly backups to daily!

invite your friends, your cats, your cousins, but dogs are on notice, this is CAT COUNTRY

meemu folks! did you know you can generate invites? Just click on "Invite People" at the bottom of the Getting Started menu, or go here:

instance announcement 

instance announcement 

meemu would like to remind you to be kind rewind your vhs tapes before you return them to your local video rental store

did you know meemu has a federated blog instance? it's! come scream in long form.

Instance announcement 

hold on, i found a better one: Listening to the end of eva theME ON WINAMP.... lain as my background, yes baby.

anyone else ever use active worlds? that was the *shit* before second life came around.

as a Teen of the 2000s, this was my BASE OF OPERATIONS

Done! All instances are now on #WriteFreely v0.9.1 :writefreely2:

Again, you won't notice anything new with this update. But you can see the technical changes in this release on the @writefreely blog:

instagram? we don’t know what that is 💅🏼

Will be looking to add a pixelfed instance based on feedback! Should be fun 💜

are you interested in a pixelfed (like instagram) instance? possibly something like ?

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