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meemu users: you can use a crossposter on meemu if you want, please set it to Unlisted and set a CW though


Did you know we run more than just Check out the other services offered up by meemu! :kirby_happy:

upgrade to 2.9.1 coming some time today!! gotta get some of that that moderation API and audio uploads

Hi meemusers,

We're on 2.9.0 now! You can now use single column layout, and the vaporwave? theme is updated to work for both layouts.

Check it out by going into the preferences and toggling the "advanced layout" option!

gonna be working my way through the update to 2.9 today! just tested the themes locally for compatibility :)

daily backups for coming... soon... is handled by the managed hosting provider <3

meemu instance update:

I sniped @sky 's backup scripts and we now have daily backups to backblaze b2! phew :) seems to be working good so far

phew!!! all done. Next version of masto to come this weekend.

Went pretty smoothly!!!

if at some point is down, check out or @meemu for updates!

hey cat pals!

i'm going to be taking a backup and starting the process of upgrading the meemu production server to the latest version of ubuntu... hopefully you won't see much of an impact, as it went smoothly in staging, but there may be some downtime or slowness for the next few hours

Hey, we have a status page now!

If you ever have issues accessing meemu, you can check here for info on maintenance or outages.

meemu meta 

meemu's official position is that gab can eat shit :)

One of the neat side-effects of adding custom CSS to squish favorites and boosts is that it makes me want to post more :D

For any #MastoAdmin folks who might want to use this, I've published the CSS here:

Meemu users and friends,

There will be some downtime this weekend around 6pm ET on Saturday, May 25th! We're going to do some upgrades to the actual server meemu is on and likely also go to 2.8.2 as part of the process. It may take an hour or two. Also, we will go from weekly backups to daily!

invite your friends, your cats, your cousins, but dogs are on notice, this is CAT COUNTRY

meemu folks! did you know you can generate invites? Just click on "Invite People" at the bottom of the Getting Started menu, or go here:

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