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cat facts: her real name is Annie but everyone calls her meemu

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A lot of Mastodon's users joined in August last year, so now is the time of many fediversaries.

You can find your first post on Mastodon by opening your public profile with ?min_id=0 appended to the URL!

whoops....sorry for the downtime, admin was asleep and meemu decided to sleep too. there may be some slowness while we catch up with posts....

(was messing with an nginx conf and forgot, didn't finish, and when the certificates renewed.... it reloaded the bad configuration :( )

meemu users: you can use a crossposter on meemu if you want, please set it to Unlisted and set a CW though


Meemu folks! Slight rules clarification/update.

Most important: financial solicitation posts should be CW'd, and Meta posts should be CW'd and set to unlisted.


@anna @meemu @spookywitch for security purposes, only one person knows my passwords and I do not know who that person is

i did not expect this many people to boost this toot beyond meemu :aaaa:

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@meemu just, in general,

if a person asks you for your password, they're either scamming you or they have the worst possible security practices

in either case, report it and don't give them any information

just a reminder that instance admins will never ask for your password for any reason! there's no reason for us to need it

so if someone ever DMs you and asks for a password, report that DM! It's definitely a scam

instance meta 

instance update:

today @olympiaxylaige was trying to eat and meemu stretched out along their leg to try and steal butter

end instance update

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