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do u want longer character posts on meemu?

do u want longer character posts on meemu?

Just wanted to let y'all know I made a tool to import/export masto's blocks to/from csv. I plan on adding commands to block/unblock individual domains too since tootctl doesn't seem to have that functionality yet. It hasn't been thoroughly tested yet though, so backup the domain_blocks table before using it

Btw it's only been tested on Glitch-soc 3.0.1, but should work with vanilla or any forks that don't mess with the domain_blocks table


With that.. time for a new pinned toot!

Hey there, this is the main announcement account! Our staff here is @catgoat @Salem @Sig and @Trufflesnuffle ! Check out our rules at and contact any of us if you have questions.

What’s this?? @Gwyndolin evolved into... @Salem !! New look, Same great admin flavor!!

meemu minecraft server? run by @catgoat and @Sig ?

If your avatar or header are still blank on meemu, and you don’t want to wait for me to fix it, re-uploading will work! Otherwise I’ll be trying to get permissions fixed on the last few migrated files <3

site uploads are all good... most of the headers and avatars are back, but not all of them


older images will be a little wonky as I go through and work on migrating stuff, but new toots should be blazin' fast!

hi!!! i'm switching us over to a new image/content host over here on meemu, things might be a bit funky

....ok well, might take up to 4 days for everything to migrate 😿

hey meemusers!! i'm in the process of migrating from wasabi to digital ocean spaces for all our media. there may be a little weirdness over the next 24 hours as it progresses

alright!! i'm looking into migrating us the heck off of wasabi lmao

this is a problem that has been going for _months_ and i have not been able to reach's nightpool to get it resolved since

our DNS has not changed recently other than adding IPv6 to _try to resolve_ this issue already (it evidently hasn't)

PLEASE help.


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