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Just a note, has been updated to be, well, actually reflective of the status of various meemu run services! Woo, uptime statistics...

the side effects may be slow arrival of notifications and slowness in seeing posts from other instances. sorry!!

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we're running a little behind because sidekiq (a queue which runs jobs for the instance) is having a bit of a struggle! hopefully it'll clear itself out soon

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Did you know you can silence or suspend individual accounts without affecting nonshitty actors on an instance? #MastoAdmin

Does mastodon have a means of blanket rejecting account applications from certain email domains?

Do any other admins get mass signup spam from and emails?


they were off for a bit because the spam signups were too much to comb through and we needed a break

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approval signups are on again for meemu :)

apropos of nothing:

if you're banning a domain like "mastodon.badactor.example", you should ban "badactor.example" instead or in addition.

that way, when "mastodon2.badactor.example" shows up, it's already banned.


Looks like a spam wave incoming - casinos and fertility clinics. Maybe check your signups and reports if your instance has open registration.

just an fyi was suspended from here after the admin deleted the instance originally and will stay so

ur local sysadmins @Trufflesnuffle and @catgoat will be doing some updates on meemu tonight!

so sorry!! meemu ran out of disk space... i am fixing it now

On behalf of meemu I (@catgoat) will put up $1500 as a donation fund, and will use this to match donation receipts sent to this account, as well as another $1,000 on my own to bail funds across the country

Please post your donation receipts and I will match your donation to that org as part of the $1500. If it is a 503c registered charity i can submit for 1:1 matching through work, effectively making it $5000 in total.

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Meemu supports the black lives matter movement. we need to stand up for our Black siblings in the fight for justice, equality, and human rights. We need to fight police brutality across the country and uplift the voices of those most impacted. This injustice done to the Black community cannot be allowed to continue.

mastodon stimulus redistribution gfm 

Meemu threw down for this, sign up for aid if you need it, donate if you can, and boost if you’d like!

Thanks @hyperlink for organizing 👏

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