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Next version of Mastodon will allow managing IP blocks from the admin interface #mastodev

Welcome all new users! I'm Ema, your friendly neighborhood sysadmin! Please remember to read the rules and feel free to follow me or @meemu for announcements regarding upgrades and other stuff!

But we definitely want to encourage people to fan out across all of the awesome instances that make up fedi <3

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Also if you're a current user and you want to invite a friend, they can join without approval if you generate an invite code by going to

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Hi folks! I know there are a lot of people looking for a new home. Our staff talked it over and in this wave we can approve up to 30 new accounts given our current resources and time. Right now we still have plenty of slots but we will close sign ups when we reach our limit. 💜

also, funny: is blocked at work for being a "personal blog," is not blocked. hah

Hey meemu users!! our new domains are LIVE. We now have two new aliases: and . That means you can list your handle as being @ either of those domains! Also, you can use either domain to log in to more than one account. You'll still be listed as in timeline tho!

Just a note, has been updated to be, well, actually reflective of the status of various meemu run services! Woo, uptime statistics...

the side effects may be slow arrival of notifications and slowness in seeing posts from other instances. sorry!!

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we're running a little behind because sidekiq (a queue which runs jobs for the instance) is having a bit of a struggle! hopefully it'll clear itself out soon

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Did you know you can silence or suspend individual accounts without affecting nonshitty actors on an instance? #MastoAdmin

Does mastodon have a means of blanket rejecting account applications from certain email domains?

Do any other admins get mass signup spam from and emails?


they were off for a bit because the spam signups were too much to comb through and we needed a break

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approval signups are on again for meemu :)

apropos of nothing:

if you're banning a domain like "mastodon.badactor.example", you should ban "badactor.example" instead or in addition.

that way, when "mastodon2.badactor.example" shows up, it's already banned.


Looks like a spam wave incoming - casinos and fertility clinics. Maybe check your signups and reports if your instance has open registration.

just an fyi was suspended from here after the admin deleted the instance originally and will stay so

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