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Hi, meemu pals! Tomorrow night we're going to be moving to the "glitch social" version of mastodon! This will give us: more characters, more filtering options, and more privacy options, including local-only toots!

happy Sunday!! Tomorrow is so get those kitty pics ready! :meemu:

and a lil reminder it’s cats out for @rai’s Finn who’s recovering from thyroid treatment! <3 send good vibes to our NZ kitty friend.

Good news - Finn is coming home Saturday! That's a few days earlier than expected, so he must be doing well :acnh_love:

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CW animal illness/vet stuff 

An early post to ask for some good vibes for our lad Finn, goin in for radioactive iodine tomorrow, for hyperthyroidism.

he'll be gone for a week because he'll be radioactive. It's 97% effective so he should be fine, but I'm Worry obviously and it will suck not having him around.


for this upcoming , send @rai's Finn some good vibes and extra love <33

even if you can't update to 3.2.1 right now, you should cherry-pick - it fixes media downloads, including emoji, from a bunch of instances #mastoadmin

do you want full text search enabled on meemu?

this should be the last time we need to do this for a couple of years since we just moved to the latest ubuntu LTS for our server. still! i'm really sorry for any lost posts in the last couple hours. i'm definitely writing down and researching better ways to do this next time so it will be faster and less hiccups

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oh nooo... i am sorry if anyone made posts in the last couple of hours, i thought i had grabbed those as well during the change over but I did not :(

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hi! meemu is going down for a bit...see y'all on the other side! <3

#mastoadmin if you want to perform a full refresh of a remote account, which "tootctl accounts refresh" doesn't actually do, set your rails environment like you would with tootctl, then run "rails c" (rails is in the same folder as tootctl)

once it loads you're in the rails console, which lets you run ruby code, you can run the following"<ActivityPub user endpoint>")

To get the user endpoint you need to check webfinger, and grab the record that's rel = self and type = "application/activity+json"

for example, this is my webfinger on my instance:
this is my ActivityPub user endpoint:

Coming soon to a WriteFreely TestFlight beta near you — publish local posts to a collection, and move posts between collections!

Sign up to test the app here:

Next version of Mastodon will allow managing IP blocks from the admin interface #mastodev

Welcome all new users! I'm Ema, your friendly neighborhood sysadmin! Please remember to read the rules and feel free to follow me or @meemu for announcements regarding upgrades and other stuff!

But we definitely want to encourage people to fan out across all of the awesome instances that make up fedi <3

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Also if you're a current user and you want to invite a friend, they can join without approval if you generate an invite code by going to

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Hi folks! I know there are a lot of people looking for a new home. Our staff talked it over and in this wave we can approve up to 30 new accounts given our current resources and time. Right now we still have plenty of slots but we will close sign ups when we reach our limit. 💜

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