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On a long train ride, from DC to San Antonio. Apparently I'm in the mood to code for fun this week, because I just added Gopher support in #WriteFreely:

Hi! I am working on getting us up to 3.1.2 <3

Just a note, has been updated to be, well, actually reflective of the status of various meemu run services! Woo, uptime statistics... is doing wonderful stuff for the microblogging space! We wanted to give them a shout-out by adding one of their elegant themes to our collection. So here's "Marfa", the latest addition to the @write_as themes blog:

hey friends, we're looking to do some like... activities or events for our instance (and instance-adjacent fedi pals) this year! what kinds of things are you interested in?

we have a small but not super active discord, and a minecraft server for folks, plus we're doing each monday! But we're definitely interested in ideas for more community things :3

meta, instance silencing/suspension 

Hi!!! We're on 3.0.1 now!!! Refresh for the latest version, there is a little bit of UI change. As usual, let me know if anything is amiss!

Hello meemu friends, I’m working on updating to 3.0 today!!! The image is built and I’m going to be doing some configuration, etc. so expect (hopefully!) intermittent down time today 💜

Happy new year to everyone on fedi from us here at meemu!!!

With that.. time for a new pinned toot!

Hey there, this is the main announcement account! Our staff here is @catgoat @Salem @Sig and @Trufflesnuffle ! Check out our rules at and contact any of us if you have questions.

Little-known Mastodon features:

Profile directory: You can opt-in to being listed on your server's public profile directory, and you can use hashtags in your bio to appear under those hashtags

Featured hashtags: You can choose hashtags to be displayed on your public profile so that people can browse all your posts under those hashtags

Did you know we run more than just Check out the other services offered up by meemu! :kirby_happy:

Much like Jesus was born on the 25th of December and admin forgot to renew the domain. So now it’s renewed for 5 years. 😭

(New) instance block 

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