Gen 8 bullshit 

gen 8 discourse 

gen 8 discourse 

the next person I see doomsaying about pokemon is going to get hit

why has waluigi never done this move again in any game he's been in

If I don't hit this place up I will hate myself for it

I'm going to be in Tampa for 5 days here soon and I just found out there's an arcade with SDVX IV and IIDX Sinobuz cabinets at John's Pass HHHHHHHHRGH

pokémon sword/shield, dumb joke 

also means I get to wear some cute shirts I've bought over the years that I don't normally get the chance to, like this one

happy upcoming pride month binches!
i am a they/them gender non-conforming queen of fluff and no one can change that ✨

icon by @screamoshaymin!

lewd furry art, pokemon 

NSFW, furry, sona 

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