okay snouts might not have been the best instance and definitely wasn't my favorite, but walking off, defunding and leaving your thousand-plus member community to die is completely despicable and frankly unforgivable

i don't actually use masto that much. but i at least take care to update my profile and such when i do, so hi everyone

pretty cool that societally we decided having time to ourselves for fun and rest was just too damn unproductive so we had to turn it into work called "self-care"

here i post my once in a blue moon toot to the fediverse and then return to my thousand-year slumber

mpulse (-) 

(potentially) killing half of your gay relationship is just as bad as killing a whole gay. i have never had sucb distaste for cliffhangers in my life

So when I was stuck in Andrew Huang's YouTube channel the other night, I noticed that I only saw (1) ad segment and it was entirely relevant to the video itself and sounded like a legitimate testimonial instead of just a paid plug

Imagine, a YouTube video that wasn't trying to get you to sign up for SkillShare, Dollar Shave Club, NordVPN, or whatever the fuck that website builder is.

My last post on the fediverse was apparently a month ago.


Gen 8 bullshit 

Next person to say the phrase "high quality animations" gets chucked in a dumpster

gen 8 discourse 

it's not even an argument, it's some bullshit you can spout that means whatever you want it to mean in the moment. it makes you look entitled, because you are.

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gen 8 discourse 

"game freak is lazy because they think people will just buy anything with pokemon on it" is an argument i've seen so many times that i've lost track

the next person I see doomsaying about pokemon is going to get hit

why has waluigi never done this move again in any game he's been in

If I don't hit this place up I will hate myself for it

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I'm going to be in Tampa for 5 days here soon and I just found out there's an arcade with SDVX IV and IIDX Sinobuz cabinets at John's Pass HHHHHHHHRGH

pokémon sword/shield, dumb joke 

Pokémon Sword and Shield: The Dynamax Ultra Suplex Hold

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