I made this system-agnostic setting generation tool because I needed one and tbh i am fairly proud of it :3


hm I SHOULD go to sleep but I WANT to simultaneously work on a spreadsheet and play 4 videogames

someone was generating facial recognition disrupting face mask designs on redbubble. they were generated using a program this person had written or tweaked and one version was hexagons or pentagons (maybe nested, not only tesselated) but there were more in the works. I cannot. find them, does anyone know the thing I am talking about.

its almost August and phallo is at the end of October so according to my adhd brain that means phallo is basically next week and I dont have enough information to finish planning and it is so hard to keep brain from panicking about that lmfao

phalloposting, horny??? 

cant wait 2 be able to take dick pics

would love to just sleep for like. a week.


it is time

I am having bottom surgey in october!!!!! this is a fundraiser so I can afford lodging near the doctor until my 2 week post-op, and to help recover ~2 weeks of lost wages during recovery time that aren't otherwise covered by paid time off and savings.

thank you so much<3


catch me in my trans and genderqueer jews support group trying to tactfully describe the reasons I am so excited about phallo

im not tryina get in discourse about this but they super do jump to bullying faster than teaching, both parties in this dispute, and just bc its mostly pointed at like, Karens on fb doesn't make it *not* bullying, and when the only communication tools you have are laugh reacts and keeping receipts, everything starts looking like a callout post really fucking fast.

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this is the only place the ppl I am tooting about aren't so its here lmao but g O D like.

listen if you're gonna bully people online
and make friends with people who bully others online

why would you expect that you somehow WONT be bullied when there's a relationship conflict between u and the other bullies.

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if you're gonna be a troll you have to expect that a lot of your friends will also be trolls, and that maybe trolls will behave in a trolling way when there's a dispute between trolls,

my favorite thing about being online is when everyone is reacting to something that not only have you missed but also you dont have enough context or background information to remotely begin to piece together

the thing that gets me about it is every optician, optometrist, and assistant I spoke with extremely understood why this situation is fucking wild.

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so if I want to get my glasses made right, I need to find an optician that's contracted with a specialist fabricator, and thats going to be a whole Fucking Ordeal.

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anyway so a progressive needs more space than bifocals, which means they'll come with all those side effects of being bigger (heavier, less consistent correction thruout the lens, more likely to break, etc).

so Luxottica is basically saying

"yeah, we'll make your lenses, but we're only going to make the worst possible version of them."

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it's important to understand, too, that heavy glasses aren't just about like, your face and comfort. Its also about the glasses.

heavy glasses
> hurt more to wear
> are more likely to fall off
> are more likely to break (often as a result of falling off.)

I've had heavy glasses. it fucking sucks! the lenses were constantly popping out. I'm an adult, I got shit to do!!! I can't be chasing my broken ass glasses all the time, especially when I have no choice but to pay $500+ for them! (I have yet to find a discount glasses online shop that will take my prescription, don't @ me about it unless you also have a +12 or more)

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here is a rundown of the basics behind why this fucking sucks.

lenses with a high plus (I dont know enough about high minus to compare/contrast, so I wont,) get really thick really fast.

Thick glasses are heavy.

Thick glasses also have warping toward the edges that effect both focal and peripheral vision quality.

Also if you have a high plus it's likely that you need glasses full time, so you have to have bifocals or progressives for reading.

In order to minimize the drawbacks of high plus lenses, you need to make them as fucking small as possible while still getting coverage over your eye. In general, an oval lens is a good fit.

You want them to be narrow- mine sit under my eyebrows. You want the distance from corner to corner to be as short as possible.
(related, the current trend for huge & sort of square glasses is the nane of my existance.)

a bifocal (flat or curved top) can do the middle distance and close-up vision in that amount of space.

a progressive lens cannot.

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so like, I have a high plus prescription. If both eyes were +8.5 it would be possible to get glasses made rn (its probably not IMpossible, I'll get to that)

but my right eye is like +12.25.

Lenscrafters (owned by Luxottica, known Glasses Powerhouse) will only accept an order for a lens that high if its a straight prescription OR, they will do up to +13 if I get a progressive lens.

I use bifocals.

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what's got me the most passed off is the WAY they aren't offering my lenses, because it feels very "well of course we can make those [offers something actively bad so that you don't buy it]"

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I'm not surprised bc last time we bought glasses, only like 2 of the 7 or whatever fabricators would work on my lenses, and prior to that my lenses would always be broken at least once during fabrication

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