hi, check out the instance thumbnail/hero image i did for meemu.org!

Commission- Quick lil busts for Lithium and Fang on telegram

and thats it for a bit lol

NSFW [Hyper, Kink] 

NSFW [Goo, Hyper, Kink] 

Commission- me and Blackpaw taking a stroll :) being taurrific

im gonna post some recent art on here, NSFW stuff will be marked as such!!

trying to relearn to use this place a bit, but hi new followerz

hey folks! id like to start being more active here. im working on some cool art for meemu.org so gonna post it up here eventually :)

oly uppied
oly uppied

Open for badge commissions! They are just $35! Includes lamination and shipping :) ​:owo:​​:yell:meemu.org/media/dtsMw-__IlpcC3

oly uppied


oly uppied

it’s , I’m here to promote more Good Shit for y’all. Check out @olympiaxylaige ’s cool as heck shirts here: teepublic.com/user/oly I mean look at this cat shirt. Also teepublic is having a sale looks like!! Go get you a sweet shirt 👀 :eyes_right:

damn i am wiped!!! clocked out at 11 hours today, about on-par for this time of year but was just nonstop....feels so dang good to be cozing in bed finally

oly uppied
oly uppied
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