oly uppied

ring fit adventure hot take 

Tipp is a twink

gay stuff, plants 

its true.... im gay and i love eating leafs :vegan:

meemu monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

handsy, kissing, size difference 

finished two-part thing for @NimbusWolf and @KittehPupRose on twitter


finished lil series for @BeerFox on twitter, involving....me! im a stinker

hyper, tentacle dick, cockvore 

finished piece for CeaselessTiger and Draggy on FA

kink, diaper, rubber, hyper, implied stink stuff 

rubbery commish for @MalinAfterDark on twitter <3


all the finished goodies for meemu.org, thanks @catgoat for commissioning them!!! im happy with how they came out!

oly uppied
oly uppied
oly uppied

hi, check out the instance thumbnail/hero image i did for meemu.org!

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