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Death, mourning 

Even almost 12 years later I still find myself going to call my dad to ask how he's doing and to talk about what I'm up to.

Miss you every day

Slightly horny 

Seriously why does anyone care about tits or ass when feet exist like damn

Vent, Medical, Depression, life updates 

I'm having a lot of trouble. I've been in a really huge depressive spiral for the last two months. Now that surgery is over and i'm on the road to recovery, I have to just take it day by day I guess.

I find out in a week if I have thyroid cancer, and i'm really nervous about that. Also, no bending or lifting still leaves me feeling really like, unable to be independent. I don't like it.

I wanna be able to walk my dog and go do stuff, but I'll be careful and rest so I can heal properly.

I start back at work on the 28th, I'm excited to get back to work! it's nice being able to relax and rest but I'm getting so bored during the day lmao.

One day at a time.

Sent back my old work laptop and feeling really good about this new place, though imposter syndrome is def rearing it's ugly head

Really excited to start this new job!! Got all my accounts and stuff set up and I'm super stoked for Monday aww yeah

Anyone here wanna practice some FOREIGN LANGUAGE with me?

Trying to get better at Russian and Arabic

Anyone else remember Helios phones or was that just a weird fever dream

realized most of my friends/followers were on snouts and i have no idea where any of them went haha

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does anyone from snouts still use mastodon lol

Food, Weed 

I'm also incredibly stoned so there's that too lmfao

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I'm hungy and hyperfocused on the dominos tracker lmao

Hi everyone!!! I've moved from @Trufflesnuffle here to @piggy!

this username is easier to remember. Feel free to follow for Sysadmin related things!!!

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