Got a charm bracelet for our system today and feeling really nice about it


Still have a lot of weight to lose but my hair is healing and curling naturally again and hell im slowly feeling cuter every day


So nauseous today, idk why!!! It's really frustrating i just wanna have one day where my body doesn't feel like it's gonna explode, throw up, or die lmao

I wanna find more ppl evenly matched with me at fighting games so I can play more

Setting up a staff hub for @meemu and friends staff. Going to get a public updates calendar going, and a lot of other cool stuff! I'm really excited to get this built for y'all.

Grief, Death 

It's Dad's birthday. I miss him a lot. I hope that he's proud of me. While I don't want to die anytime soon, I am looking forward to sharing a cigar and a glass of whiskey with him in the afterlife someday.

So much is going on that I almost forgot. I feel like shit for that haha

vent? impostor syndrome 

I still can't believe i might get this promotion. the amount of work is daunting and i'm scared about being a manager for the first time in my life. My mom and stepdad always said i was a "Leader, not a follower" and it's making me feel like i'm gonna fuck this whole thing up, like, damn.

Spent like six hours total just getting the new PC set up with all my music stuff and I'm so excited to start producing again

Hello new faces and old! I know we’ve had some new and returning folks lately, don’t forget to give yourself a quick refresh on our rules here: and definitely ask any of the staff ( @catgoat @Salem @piggy and @Sig or just DM this account) if you have any questions! 💜💜💜:meemu:

Death, mourning 

Even almost 12 years later I still find myself going to call my dad to ask how he's doing and to talk about what I'm up to.

Miss you every day

Slightly horny 

Seriously why does anyone care about tits or ass when feet exist like damn

Vent, Medical, Depression, life updates 

I'm having a lot of trouble. I've been in a really huge depressive spiral for the last two months. Now that surgery is over and i'm on the road to recovery, I have to just take it day by day I guess.

I find out in a week if I have thyroid cancer, and i'm really nervous about that. Also, no bending or lifting still leaves me feeling really like, unable to be independent. I don't like it.

I wanna be able to walk my dog and go do stuff, but I'll be careful and rest so I can heal properly.

I start back at work on the 28th, I'm excited to get back to work! it's nice being able to relax and rest but I'm getting so bored during the day lmao.

One day at a time.

Sent back my old work laptop and feeling really good about this new place, though imposter syndrome is def rearing it's ugly head

Really excited to start this new job!! Got all my accounts and stuff set up and I'm super stoked for Monday aww yeah

Anyone here wanna practice some FOREIGN LANGUAGE with me?

Trying to get better at Russian and Arabic

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