So having to make an appointment with an oncologist is scary as fuck

Vent, disability talk 

Only needing a cane sometimes sucks. It feels like I'm a liar calling myself disabled. When I actually use the cane i sometimes worry the pain is all fake. Idk

Be safe today and in the coming weeks. Let your rage flow. Do as you see fit. But be smart and don’t get caught.


Rest in peace Alex, you selfish fucking coward. I love you so much


It's almost 4am and I'm sort of sitting here waiting for a call to confirm or deny whether or not one of my only friends from college fucking killed himself today. He was supposed to come visit in two weeks.

Please. Fuck. Please be alive Alex. I can't lose anyone else to this. Please, it's so fucking selfish of me but I've lost three people in the past two years already to suicide i dont know how much more i can take

I am really lucky to have a few friends who speak german who very graciously let me practice with them and my German is actually improving a lot!!

Love too forget to take off my dog collar when I'm in a work meeting with my boss and not notice it until I see it on my camera feed 🙃

Is there a good replacement for tusky on iPad? All the ones I’ve seen don’t really have much good functionality.

Facebook/Life Stuff 

Fuck Facebook Meemu is better

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Facebook/Life Stuff 

Deleting my Facebook account soon. I have a real bad problem with constantly checking it. I want to reduce my reliance on my phone and start learning to live in the moment more, idk.

Plus I was just getting angry the whole time

Got a charm bracelet for our system today and feeling really nice about it


Still have a lot of weight to lose but my hair is healing and curling naturally again and hell im slowly feeling cuter every day


So nauseous today, idk why!!! It's really frustrating i just wanna have one day where my body doesn't feel like it's gonna explode, throw up, or die lmao

I wanna find more ppl evenly matched with me at fighting games so I can play more

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