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Oh hey I never did an introduction, I was just like "yo look at my cat"

I'm Rai, I live in New Zealand, I'm non-binary and use they pronouns. I like lions and video games and plants. I have a wonderful wife and an adorkable cat. I'm shy about conversation but I'm tryin to be better at it.

Please feel free to send me cat photos any time.All cats are best cat. It is known.

i do the wordle

Wordle 204 4/6


we as a species need to stop creating things that are BOTH the same width as our doorways AND must be held at the edges. this is not sustainable for our fingers.

I sent this to my wife today to remind her to pick up her vitamin B12 complex

oh yay, my Mastodon feed is back. It's been behaving weird for like... a month or two. and I kept meaning to contact someone about it lmao. but it kicked me out today and on signing back in it's fine now :D so maybe it was an authentication thing. Who knowwwwws, missed y'all.

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home is where the novelty coffee mugs are

happy birthday to obama and also me

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Birbcam is updated! There's now a big seed feeder with two kinds of sunflower seeds in to see if it'll get bites, and I've put a branch into frame with a hanging suet ball feeder on it for MOAR BIRB ACTION

one of my tiny joys is: I edited the page for "crab" on the Genshin Impact wiki at one point, and didn't untick the box to receive updates about the page. So now every time someone edits that page I get an email about it. I smile every time. 🦀​

Y'all ever see a cool bird on the other side of a river during rapidly fading dusk and go wildly out of your way to get to the other side of the river to see a cool bird and then realise you had a better view of the bird from the first side but then it's too dark to go back around?

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Wondering where you can buy DRM-free ebooks?

Got you covered!

Here's a list of almost 300 DRM-free ebook, digital comic, magazine, and RPG bookshops. SHould be plenty to get you stared, right?

Happy Reading,

^Kevin 👍

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i need to quit my job

it is going to kill me

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I went to a lego exhibition show today and there was a limited set they were selling there of kororā. I got one and I love my small penguin friend.

I finished playing Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin last night and it was probably the best game I've played in a while. I really really enjoyed every aspect of it.

It's a fun combination of farming sim and combat platformer. The protagonist is part harvest deity, part warrior deity, and the stats of the rice you grow affect your combat stats. The story was also really nice. I cried.

Highly recommended!

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(to a gardener in ancient Babylon) how's it hanging?

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The nz residency act of 1997 requires all households in NZ to have a copy of the Lord of the rings. this includes hotels and you can usually find it the bed side draw

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