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Oh hey I never did an introduction, I was just like "yo look at my cat"

I'm Rai, I live in New Zealand, I'm non-binary and use they pronouns. I like lions and video games and plants. I have a wonderful wife and an adorkable cat. I'm shy about conversation but I'm tryin to be better at it.

Please feel free to send me cat photos any time.All cats are best cat. It is known.

rai uppied
rai uppied

it was the best of shires

it was the worcestershires

My mind was utterly blown today when my big time work crush mentioned getting her hair colored..... She's apparently blonde??? I assumed she was a natural red bahaha.

Not like it changes anything for me... Still hopeless, still gay, still hopelessly gay

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Just a reminder that the #Kurdish #RedCrescent has for many years been doing courageous work in #Rojava to see people get medical aid and relief from the war in #Syria. They are well regarded and often the *only* aid organization on the ground. They ALWAYS NEED donations. They have bank accounts across Europe and Japan, as well as PayPal.

Please consider donating. They are seriously going to need it. 🙍🏽‍♀️

Did I write a thank you card to a stranger because I'm going to miss seeing their cat every day on my commute?


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rai uppied


laughing at past me thinking panic mode started 4 September instead of 4 October, when we actually finally signed paperwork for a new place 🙃

I can't find enough coins to take the bus, and my bike broke down on Friday, so I have a 40 minute walk ahead of me tomorrow.

I accidentally deleted my entire dang tumblr. almost none of my friends have moved to mastodon yet so as much as I'd love to say "good riddance," I kinda actually need that back. Q.Q

I was just trying to remove old sideblogs I don't use.

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rai uppied

My plan for inktober is to spend all my energy for the first day, then do nothing for the rest of the month

health (-) just whinin 

health (-) just whinin 

Would anyone like to recommend some ? I mostly listen to D&D casts, but I'll give most things a try! I listen to most of the McElroy content, NADDPod, and Dames & Dragons - as well as some other stuff like The Wild and Mission to Zyxx.

I drew a manticore sunbathing in response to a drawing prompt on tumblr.

when I realize if I'm thirsty, I don't have to open my 4th can of soda of the night. I can drink water.

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