Drugs (meth) and violence in a news article 


I'm mad at this headline because it's a wild ass dramatic exaggeration of a single point of data in the actual study. The headline is misleading and inaccurate and misses the point.

I literally had an entire course in my journalism degree trying to make us understand stats and science to avoid this shit.

Drugs (meth) and violence in a news article 

The study tracked a very specific population of 1000 people, all born in a particular region in 1977, and was interested in links between methamphetamine use and violence.

This in no way means 28% of all middle-aged people in New Zealand have tried meth. Which is what the headline says.

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Drugs (meth) and violence in a news article 

It's on the front page of the paper today and has even further decontextualised it. Amazing. Now it's not just middle-aged, but ALL New Zealanders! The poor researchers must be pulling their hair out.

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