I sent this to my wife today to remind her to pick up her vitamin B12 complex

one of my tiny joys is: I edited the page for "crab" on the Genshin Impact wiki at one point, and didn't untick the box to receive updates about the page. So now every time someone edits that page I get an email about it. I smile every time. 🦀​

I went to a lego exhibition show today and there was a limited set they were selling there of kororā. I got one and I love my small penguin friend.

I finished playing Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin last night and it was probably the best game I've played in a while. I really really enjoyed every aspect of it.

It's a fun combination of farming sim and combat platformer. The protagonist is part harvest deity, part warrior deity, and the stats of the rice you grow affect your combat stats. The story was also really nice. I cried.

Highly recommended!

please enjoy this photo of a bumblebee clinging to some lavender to shelter from a surprise rainshower

Happy one and all!! Thank you for the good thoughts for Finn! He's home now and recovering.

He developed hyperthyroidism, and we caught it very early. As a result, the dosage he got of radioactive iodine to treat it wound up being pretty small! So he was able to come home a few days earlier than expected.

It's hard not being able to hug him as much as we want (he's still radioactive...) but overall seems to be doing well. Yay!

CW animal illness/vet stuff 

An early post to ask for some good vibes for our lad Finn, goin in for radioactive iodine tomorrow, for hyperthyroidism.

he'll be gone for a week because he'll be radioactive. It's 97% effective so he should be fine, but I'm Worry obviously and it will suck not having him around.


friend at work today made a joke about the O365 logo needing to just be a shrug so I made this, enjoy

Me when people are complaining about not being allowed more than 10 people at gatherings under the loosened restrictions next week because they can't hang out with all their friends

Life Pro Tip for Animal Crossing: Use bushes as gates! You can pick up fences while your guests are inside, but you can't put them back down. Bushes, on the other hand, can be dug up and re-planted to allow select visitors (or yourself!) to get past barriers.

I made a chicken-esque coat and hat in Animal Crossing! Also a variant hat because I couldn't decide if I preferred the simple geometric beak or the Beak.

Creator ID MA-1735-2627-8942

Individual item codes are in the captions.

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