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Did I write a thank you card to a stranger because I'm going to miss seeing their cat every day on my commute?


I drew a manticore sunbathing in response to a drawing prompt on tumblr.

when I realize if I'm thirsty, I don't have to open my 4th can of soda of the night. I can drink water.

Eye contact, selfie 

The lighting in the lift is good and I'm going to be touching my freshly shaved sides all day.

I made bread :3

I used my favourite recipe and just... Put a bunch of brown sugar and cinnamon on the top when I baked it.

it's Monday in NZ, so here's an elegant Finn for ! What was he hunting so intensely, you may wonder? The lid from my wife's noodles.

This cub on was absolutely too smol! what a baby!!!

Here's a gif of her getting whapped in the face by her mum's tail.

(re-drafted for a version with slightly better timing and a caption)

new tablet! new tablet! new tablet!!! prepare for lots of mediocre scribbles while I actually work on learning to art!

hhhh I commissioned some Finn drawings from my friend Sun! Here is her commission info:

They're literally perfect in every way.

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