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I made a poached egg (successfully) for the first time today!

On homemade bread with a roasted capsicum hummus, and cherry tomatoes.

food, pizza 

using the same bread recipe, but squished, I made pizza tonight. The recipe made SO MUCH DOUGH, so I made 2 pizzas and a lil cheesy garlic thing.


I made bread at like 9pm bc I couldn't think of anything else to do... But it turned out well! I made one tiny for fun :3

Here's my wife and I being nuisances with tambourines. If you ever visit my town and there is someone there running around making mischief ... it's probably her.

I keep forgetting to hide my bookmarks bar when I'm screensharing for work now that I work from home

Animal Crossing 

I never want to change my passport for Animal Crossing. It's perfect.

Animal Crossing 

the fish in Animal Crossing New Horizons are wonderful.

here's my wife @Anri with a big ol' sunfish

food talk 

the fediverse is not providing for my needs

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Two of the older hens at the community garden chilling out together having dust baths.


Cute lil honeybees crawling all over some flowers

Happy Meemu Monday! My son squished his face into a bunch of grass trying to get through a hole in the fence and turned his face green.

Drugs (meth) and violence in a news article 

It's on the front page of the paper today and has even further decontextualised it. Amazing. Now it's not just middle-aged, but ALL New Zealanders! The poor researchers must be pulling their hair out.

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Selfie, 10 year photo challenge, eye contact 

something something 10 years photo thing.

10 years ago I had just started university. I had moved out 3 days after high school graduation to get out of the middle of my parents' messy separation. I was still wearing makeup and trying hard to be a Normal Straight Girl.


If baby me could see our life now, I wonder if they'd be happy and excited or scared and confused.

Two terrible financial decisions later and I'm ready to catch some pokeymans

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