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(to a gardener in ancient Babylon) how's it hanging?

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The nz residency act of 1997 requires all households in NZ to have a copy of the Lord of the rings. this includes hotels and you can usually find it the bed side draw

My library finally got Gender Failure by Rae Spoon & Ivan E Coyote in and I devoured it in a day.
It was very good and I found it affirming and healing.

Taper if you can, take it easy, give your body time to adjust to each step down. I timed mine during 2 weeks i had off so I didn't have to be at work, but that's hard to schedule haha. Other than that, I don't really have anything to help. Good luck!

@catgoat oof i just came off that. good luck <3

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I think we're ready as a society to agree that, yes, Stacy's Mom *did* in fact have it going on.

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Giraffe: (gradually gets taller to cronch delicious leaves)
Trees: (get taller)
Giraffe: (becomes taller)
Tree: fuck ahh (grows thorns)
Giraffe: (develops thicker tongue and cheeks)
Tree: oh God oh God (becomes poisonous)
Giraffe: I think you underestimate how much I like leaf
Tree: ಠ_ಠ

hmmm it's 3 am and I've been playing with a vps and nextcloud for the past like .......... 8 hours. time for bed? but what if............ continue play with computers?

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A commissionned cross stitch !

Pattern by

I am available for your cross stitch commissions ! DM me for prices.

RTs appreciated.

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Medical, neg 

What kind of a stress response is eczema anyway

I apparently currently have two different kinds!!! Of stress-induced eczema!!! I hate it!! I want to remove all of my skin! It does not make me less stressed!!!

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| ┏┓ | ┃┃╱╲ In this | ┃╱╱╲╲ house | ╱╱╭╮╲╲ we sleep ▔▏┗┛

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This is another old painting but one of my personal favorites. (Reposting since I moved instances. Also this makes me want to paint more clouds... 🤔 )
#Art #Watercolor #SunsetPainting #Illustration #Clouds #Sunset #SkyArt #JordanLynnGribbleArt

please enjoy this photo of a bumblebee clinging to some lavender to shelter from a surprise rainshower

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Happy one and all!! Thank you for the good thoughts for Finn! He's home now and recovering.

He developed hyperthyroidism, and we caught it very early. As a result, the dosage he got of radioactive iodine to treat it wound up being pretty small! So he was able to come home a few days earlier than expected.

It's hard not being able to hug him as much as we want (he's still radioactive...) but overall seems to be doing well. Yay!

Good news - Finn is coming home Saturday! That's a few days earlier than expected, so he must be doing well :acnh_love:

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