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Hi! I’m Reaux, a 36 year old furry who lives in Delaware and works in IT! I live with my wife Tegan and our pets: two dogs (Pretzel, who is a pit mix, and Teddy, who is a Cavalier King Charles spaniel), three cats (Cricket, Pickles, and Birdie), and other small creatures (leopard gecko, snake, tarantulas).

We are poly and my other partner is Echo, who also lives in Delaware! Tegan’s other partner is Shadii, who lives in Maryland.

I draw a lot and I read a lot! Nice to meet you!

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i love the icon for disk cleanup on windows

remember to brush your hard drives everybody and give them lots of scritchies

Here he is! The finest Christmas ornament in my parents' collection!!!!

Today's achievements:

Went grocery shopping! Did not have to leave the store early due to panic!

That's it really. But it's a start


I would give almost anything to have a different life than I have. I am of course happy in my marriage and etc, I just don't be me

Mental health, work, negative 

I don't feel like I have any other options but to keep plodding on. It's really awful.

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Mental health, work, negative 

I've been off work since the 13th and I go back tomorrow. I'm super bummed. My time off has not been great, it's been fine I guess. I wish I had more in life that made me feel valuable and worthwhile. My job is stupid, my art is semi decent I guess, I don't really do anything else. I feel very trapped in my job, and by my financial responsibilities. I can't quit because we would lose our house. I am the only one who can support us.

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Say NO to "following through" on "tasks"

Last night I started watching x files from the beginning. I used to watch it with my dad every Sunday night in the late 90s. I've never seen these early episodes, some of them are way cheesy! But fun

So!!!! I misread my work schedule and I dont work tonight. I have off this weekend for my mom's bday thing so I'm off work til the 23rd!!!!!?!!!!!! I'm so happy

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Slept basically all day: 6:30am to 7:30pm. No sunlight for me. Blah

also, funny: is blocked at work for being a "personal blog," is not blocked. hah

hey friends. i have not logged in here in a while but i'm so happy to see meemu is thriving!!!

I got a new (to me) phone! A galaxy s7. I was on an iPhone before but I was sick of it. Haha

I get home and I’m totally wiped out and take a two or three hour nap. Jiminy Christmas

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They have me training the new girl at work which is nice because it means they trust me with a big task but incredibly shitty because it makes every day drag on forever and ever

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