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four more holiday commissions! still open, they are $25 :D

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Cancel the Sonic movie, make a SonicFox movie instead.

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furries: nya
spanish speaking furries: ña

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Anyone here going to the New Years Furball in Newark Delaware have a room for one? Bed space preferred, I got a suit. I'm easygoing I got money and I'm housebroken. RT/boost plz

Went to nyc with my family today! It was fun!! We went to a wax museum and ate at the most expensive Applebee’s on the planet and saw the huge Christmas tree!!!!!!!

two christmassy commissions! i'm doing these for $25 each!

it's ME!!!!! i'm doing holiday themed commissions like this for $25 each, but i need a couple more examples! hit me up if you want one at a discount, just $20!

I should start trying to use hashtags here for art stuff. What are the popular art hashtags people use?

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Ah, time to be blinded by the sun (yes I could close the blinds but I don’t want to, gimme those sun vitamins)

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why can’t masto and tumblr just get along? let’s break the ice with a shared interest: human bone theft

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