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A dog just boarded the bus. The driver couldn't get the dog to leave the bus.

Free ride dog is my hero.

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I spent my whole day off asleep in bed because I’m SICK. Again!!!!!!! And I have to go to work tomorrow. Life is dumb!

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reaux uppied

@EGKangaroo shiny in real media is hard but I think I did ok!

birdie is 100% better than grumpycat. prove me wrong

:angery: :bassboosted: :charlie_cat: how many dollars to get birdie in here

i requested tomorrow off because it's the only day coming up that doesn't already have too many people off and my request was GRANTED!!!!!!!! i'm so excited to just lay around and do nothing

Really if you don’t watch Ants Canada on YouTube why do you even have access to the internet

YouTube is good for:

- listening to songs
- watching music videos
- watching slightly sped up episodes of “to catch a predator”
- watching Jungledyret Hugo with subtitles
- Esteban Winsmore, champion of freedom
- Ants Canada
- watching old commercials

YouTube is not good for:

- anything else
- YouTube shows about cooking
- YouTube shows about anything
- Video game things
- realistic babydoll videos
- spongebob
- anything that makes me feel old and out of touch (see above)

YouTube died when I was trying to listen to “just like heaven” for the seventy billionth time since last night, so I guess it was my fault. You’re welcome

i'm sitting here like uh.........deer

the pilot dog is a german shepherd/husky, the guy wanted help coming up with a design. the other guy is some kind of escaped prisoner. people have such cool big imaginations

doodles for people on FA art request forum. i really like doing requests there, it's good fun practice

i applied for a new job (at my current workplace) after being encouraged by someone who works in that dept. it would be a systems analyst position, which is way higher than i am now. hooves crossed

Badges for peeps on twitter! I am open for commissions! Check out :)

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hey y'all! rather than having a wedding registry, ryan and I have a lil car gofundme. don't fret if you can't donate!

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