As expected, another white guy defends himself by denigrating the concerns of a group of people that don’t think like he does.

The pattern is always the same.

I voted for a nurse as the county legislator. I figure that she would at least be aware of some of the shit that goes on…

queer introspection 

new dialup express instance blocks, boosts welcome 

Joseph Joestar:

moves fast collects rings


moves fast collects rings

That’s all I’m saying ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Did you dudes and dudettes buy the new peepee expansion pack?

I really do think that Kirby is a furry brat

Kind of a shame Marx only really gets into Financial Capital in detail in volume 3.

(Understandable, it was a less-all-consuming vampire squid wrapped around the world. Perhaps only a zombie sea cucumber flopped squishily on the occident.)

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