"Don't speak ill of the dead" 

imagine using shit tons of money to manuipulate american politics and then you just die lol

koch death shitpost, too many cooks 

Wish I was English so I could say, "oi oi lads," and really mean it.

"David Koch ate shit and died on Friday, August 23rd, 2019. Rest in piss old man"

when im president all executive toys will be replaced with real actually fun toys like hot wheels and bionicles

Real recognize real recognize unspeakable Lovecraftian horror

gab/spinster related 


Vila Eloise is a #queer house project located in a village in Galiza (northwest of Iberian peninsule).

We are just setting the house ready for visitors. Staying is free (some abilities trade is appreciated whenever possible) and we plan to offer a work space for artists, meetups and workshops.

Every queer person is welcome, we are a safe space for people of any gender id or orientation (including all non binary genders, a-spec, pan people...) and sex workers. See our site for more info on our philosophy and stances.

When it's time for some of that sweet, sweet Koch inheritance cash

RIP David Koch. Died doing what he loved: ending human life

really happy that we've gotten 3d printers to a point where they're as unreliable, hard to operate, and base materials cost as much as those of 2d printers, honestly. I think our job here is done and finished, what else could there be to upgrade from there? time to go to 4d printers.

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