I know I've mentioned this before but I'll never forget when I was a kid and I heard about "the unemployment rate" or something for the first time and I tried to get my mom to explain it to me

If these people want to help, why don't we let them? They're poor, so is there not enough stuff for them? We could let them work and they can make stuff for themselves! Or if there already is enough stuff, we could just let everyone else work a little less and then these people can work too. Or just give them the stuff, if it's there already, and they wouldn't have to work because we don't need them to. Why don't we just do that, mommy?

And I honestly don't remember a shred of her answer because I'm 90% sure it was a dodge or otherwise just unsatisfying

Turns out, I was right! Unemployment *doesn't* make sense!

A colleague showed this Untitled Goose Game-inspired poem to us (made by his wife)

caps, 🐙 

🇩🇪 1551 Die Aktivist:innen blockieren jetzt erfolgreich das Bundesministerium für Umwelt.
🇬🇧 1551 The activists are blocking the Ministry for Environment right now.

*Places you into my friendzone, giving you a buff to your attack speed and hp regeneration rate*

😢 RIP Alexei Leonov, first space walker & space artist and first artist in space.

Every time I use the word "ones" I feel like it shouldn't exist. It's a plural version of the very definition of singularity.

people aren't allowed to change their routine ever so i can only assume cute bus guy has turned into cute bus gal who just got off at the same stop

Sometimes when I’m sad I’ll sit back and remember that the longest piece of literature in human history is a 3.5 million word super smash brothers fanfiction

No, mozilla, they aren't called hackers. This is a shame to your history.

Mozilla has been sadly overrun by startup culture. Their principles are just marketing-speak now.

grs quick stat 

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imagine a parallel universe where everything is the same except Toby Fox never existed

what is the world like... sans Undertale?

“Ghost hands?” The only ghost you should be thinking about is the Holy Ghost

Throughout my life my increasing distrust of cops has inversely led to an increased respect for firefighters

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