I haven’t been on in like a week. How many instances have disintegrated since I’ve been away?

Consider unfollowing that person that always leaves you feeling worse about things.

:mr_business: Cat photo tips!

:neko_nyaan: Caption your kitties! Accessible cats are best cats.

:neko_smiley: Credit your kitties! If you are posting someone else's photos, make sure to name your sources.

:neko_relax: Tag your kitties! #cats

If I’m in two instances, can I link the accounts so I have synthesized timelines?

NSFW text 

Tumblr and Twitter are so tense, and I don’t think I realized how tense until I stepped away and came back. They’re their own worlds, which is beautiful except that everyone gets wrapped up in the culture and forgets to step back and breathe.

and acronyms/initialism are *NOT* specific enough

what is "sh"
what is "ph"
what is "ed"
what is "ec"

new users *especially* don't know what these are, and have to risk anxiety attacks, triggers, and even traumatization to learn

the CW function is about consent and protecting people from triggering topics

please be Clear and Specific

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Does anyone know of a good Mastodon app that works on an iPhone and has a dark mode?

Hey everyone! If it’s finals week for you, or if you’re just stressed or overwhelmed, here’s your friendly reminder to breathe. Give your brain some of that tasty oxygen. You’ll get through this.

I’m lonely and bi 

Now that I’ve joined a new social media, I’m in the process of deciding whether to be Mysterious and Secretive or just spill my deepest thoughts.

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