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I'm Smacky and I'm 27, I'm about to graduate as a javascript developer in a couple of months.

I speak English, Swedish and Japanese fluently and I have a lot of hobbies. Used to be really into brewing coffee, now avoiding caffeine.

Lately I bake A LOT.

I draw sometimes, you can find art I've posted so far on

I'm super nerdy and grew up playing video games. I own a switch and a ps4, and sometimes play on my PC too.

I look forward to making more friends!

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Introduction, some of my furry art 

Already got a link in the first post but I thought I'd append some things to the BAP.
I mostly draw furry characters but I like human beings too I promise LOL
These drawings probably represent my style 💭

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Finished making my oat and pecan cookie dough, letting it chill overnight


I got my second ewiyar's beak at lvl150 and I finally do some nutty damage with Siete and the cow (forgot her name)

I'm gay and from Sweden and I never heard of that story before lol

Smacky uppied

I just found out that the "hundreds of people in Sweden called in sick to work by saying they're gay in 1979 to protest against homosexuality being considered an illness" is mostly bullshit, the real protest was like 30-40 people occupying a government building to demand the change, and a handful happened to do the thing the story claims "hundreds" did just to get away from work for the day to protest.

The way the thing is told online just reeks of neoliberal bullshit leaving out the most important part, which is that they occupied a government building for it. Occupying institutions is effective. It has the power to actually change things.

ec, charcoal sketch ff7r 

I saw a FF7R drawing I like and I tried to copy it

i hope i'm valuable enough myself 😞


My living room shelves got a lil more crammed

obviously my brain never escaped 2013

my existence is severely problematic because i will spontaneously say oppan gangnam style in year 2021 and laugh for myself

brain please grow BIGGER!!!!! :big_gay:​

been studying a lot today and i feel SMARTER




Food, cheesecake 

I baked my cheesecake in a narrower springform.

Cheesecake batter pouring 

I'm baking a cheesecake today!

I placed Zamazenta next to Torterra (my favorite pokémon) and it feels extra safe under their vigilance

My boyfriend sent me a bunch of pokémon plushies (including Perrserker!) and candy from the USA, as an early valentine's day gift and I'm feeling blessed

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