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hi, I'm Spoon.

born in 1987, I'm a nonbinary (they/them, he/him) digital artist who likes drawing monsters and creatures and humans with creature traits. I'm inspired by animals, nature in general, folklore, fashion, history, old media, etc.

I'm on the autism spectrum and struggle with executive function and I'm a hobbyist artist for now.


omfg my roommate just gave me this art and i’m!!???? dying???!! this rules????? (artist is jen epervary!)

science fiction: in the future, robots will do everything a human can!


draw... ur fursona... in the style.... of the otterpops characters...

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species names as honorifics 

Drawn nudity, blood, promotional 

The original cats in ancient China and East Asia were not housecats (felis catus) as we know them but the leopard #cat (prionailurus bengalensis), from a genus Felis diverged from 3 to 1 million years ago. Leopard cats were replaced by housecats when the latter came over the Silk Road 2,000 years ago. Leopard cats can be socialized and sometimes still live as semi-wild members of rural households, which is likely the kind of arrangement they always had with humans. #history

Would people be interested in like. A life skills blog. Like, “you gotta clean the dishwasher, here’s how” or “what are fridge coils and how to clean those” or “care and feeding of ur window AC unit”

The portraits of falco and fox from sf2’s scrapped dogfight mode are two entire moods

i love these two dinguses. literal power couple if ever there was one


new version, because bully sandwich made it into the anime

🥪 💪🏽

#dorohedoro #ドロヘドロ

todays gender is...

*the lovely assistant starts pulling up the red velvet curtain. it billows backward into an inky void. the floors begin to buckle and tear, planks peeling up and back into the nothingness. and yet the audience clambers toward the front of the theater, their chants swallowed by the vortex, as they too wish to be consumed*

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