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hi, I'm Spoon.

born in 1987, I'm a nonbinary (they/them, he/him) digital artist who likes drawing monsters and creatures and humans with creature traits. I'm inspired by animals, nature in general, folklore, fashion, history, old media, etc.

I'm on the autism spectrum and struggle with executive function and I'm a hobbyist artist for now.


Here are some #sketch|es of my #furry character Luise who I designed after Kavalier King Charles Spaniels.

But I want her to be an adult and because of the cute dog breed she looks so young. xD How do I make cute dogs look older...

introducing eccoterrorism, itโ€™s like regular terrorism but with a fuckload more dolphins and dolphin imagery

Apparently, it's #ShareYourStudio day, so I thought y'all might like a look at my work space.

(Sherbet is the most important asset, obviously.)


similarly, if you're looking for artists whose commissions are open, many of us will use #commissionme

feeling generous so here's a version with hastily drawn clothes, but the full, final drawing is gonna be totally nude and nsfw and only up on my patreon and patron-only AD: @xxxinks


#mastoart #ocs #patreon

havn't logged in in a while ๐Ÿ˜—hallo !๐Ÿ˜

a front/back ref of a gynoid based on a monstergirl. She is naked, but aside from a few nipples its not very explicit 

Vampire bat head!
Tattoo design commission

My next two commission spots are taken, thank you!

#mastoart #fediart #monarobot

do water purists know that most things which are available to drink that aren't alcoholic are made up mostly by water. even caffeinated beverages, which have a diuretic effect, are made almost entirely from water, and they're more hydrating than their diuretic effect can counteract (just don't drink a pot of coffee and then wander into the desert with no fluids!). there is in fact no reason that you have to drink plain water to live; it's ideal to do that if you can, because it's cheap, in most places safe, and has a low-to-positive impact on your teeth.

but my autistic ass hates water. it tastes Bad. I cannot force myself to drink enough of it to be healthy. I used to live in Houston as a child, where my parents forced me to only drink water, and the only result was that I was chronically dehyrdrated. if I want to "stay hydrated!" like the health goons chant, I cannot also "drink WATER!" as they likewise insist; I need to drink something I don't have a sensory aversion to.

i miss...she!!!!!!!!!!!!

played a bit w the free campaign to get my main n alt the event rewards bcus i need them to have those pools n it made me miss my kids sm ToT


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