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hi, I'm Spoon.

born in 1987, I'm a nonbinary (they/them, he/him) digital artist who likes drawing monsters and creatures and humans with creature traits. I'm inspired by animals, nature in general, folklore, fashion, history, old media, etc.

I'm on the autism spectrum and struggle with executive function and I'm a hobbyist artist for now.


whoa, thank you for all the boosts and likes! :heart_pride:

Some fooling around with Vishila in clip studio. I decided to draw her up using the rough pen and played with her markings using the lighter ink pen.
#originalcharacter #illustration #mastoart

cw: body horror / partial nudity 

I love this official art of Rayquaza cause it looks like he's leaning in to tell you his worst, most dad joke that only he'll laugh about while you are groaning at how bad it is.

incredibly spicy feminism take 

GUYHIGHS: Thighhighs for MEN. Now in combat cyan and berzerker-rage pink.

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