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hi, I'm Spoon.

born in 1987, I'm a nonbinary (they/them, he/him) digital artist who likes drawing monsters and creatures and humans with creature traits. I'm inspired by animals, nature in general, folklore, fashion, history, old media, etc.

I'm on the autism spectrum and struggle with executive function and I'm a hobbyist artist for now.


@catgoat omg. ok apparently that icon signifies there's a connection issue but that ! just feels so fitting on the opossum xD

thinking about the dude who got arrested for painting new floor arrows in ikea to create an inescapable maze

Been adding background trees to various Vytvalen rooms, here's one I did today :D

I'll add foreground trees later, but I think even like this the rooms look nice.

#gameDev #pixelArt #mastoArt #ScreenshotSaturday

@ArtistMarciaX personally I never expect perfection, its unattainable for anybody (because what's it even measured against and who decides what it is anyway?), but if I don't see growth after somebody has caused harm and had it spelled out to them then that's where I draw the line, and it's not exactly a thick line for me

i havent had coffee yet:

how fine of a line is there between throwing ppl away bc theyre not the perfection of leftist politics embodied


allowing someone to return to the space and discussion after theyve taken time to reflect on their errors and harm caused?

I couldn't resist drawing the OC of a friend again. Hanao just has a cute hairstyle, ok? ^^° And I think I might need thicker watercolor paper to try more effects. 🤔

#art #mastoart #watercolor #originalcharacter #anime #manga

[flash/strobe warning]

later vs. posterize-outline (seed: 2106989088)

hey, nonblack and white people who are able:

hows it going donating to black people (black trans women first always) on a biweekly if not weekly basis? howre you feeling about donating at least 10% of your paycheck to black trans women, immigration services, and local people in need?

*this is rhetorical

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